Friday, 2 June 2017

What's been your fave Corrie story this week?

What a week it's been (so far!) and it's not even finished yet, we've still got one more post-watershed episode of Coronation Street to go this week.

But what has been your favourite of the three major storylines this week, which one have you enjoyed watching the most?

Bethany's grooming storyline has been a tremendously difficult one to watch and it's a relief to know that in this post-watershed week, it's as dark as the story is going to get.  So while I can't say that I've particularly enjoyed watching this one, I do realise it's an important story to tell.  All the same, I'll be glad when it's over.

Nick's quicksand drama was fantastic, kudos to all involved in this. I loved the bit where Peter was shouting at Nick: "I quite fancy another pop at Leanne!".  I wonder if quicksand is the first time it's featured in a soap, any soap?

But for me, by far the best story of the week has been Daniel and Denise. I love Denise Black and am so happy she's back in Corrie. Rob Mallard as Daniel has been terrific and deserves every award and accolade coming his way. Corrie have a real gem in Rob Mallard and I hope we see him for a long time to come.

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abbyk said...

I agree about who pushed Ken as my fave of the three, although I would add William Roche to the acting talent. He hasn't had anything meaty in years (figuratively speaking, of course, WR and Ken being vegetarians). For a lonely old man only recently recovered from a stroke, and regained two lost sheep, he's been terrific to watch.

Tvor said...

I think Daniel's story has been the best for me, too. Real gut wrenching stuff, watching that boy shake in a huddle in the bathroom while his mother says "I thought he was better off without me and i still do!" All the major storylines have been really good, though. I haven't enjoyed Brian and Cathy because it felt so forced and all that superstition piled up high was just idiotic. Someone that educated (the man was a teacher, after all) to be that superstitious doesn't make sense. Have one or two little quirks, yes, but not a constant stream of old fashioned ones, like umbrellas inside, walking under a ladder, breaking glass, talking to magpies. Who believes in that anymore?

Newfy Pearl said...

I have to say, because of the overload of gloom I could not honestly say that I 'enjoyed' any of it. I am a huge Corrie fan.....but sometimes, well sometimes like this week....I just have to wonder. Where is the lighthearted Corrie. Even just a little would have made a difference. And no - sorry - buffoon Brian and awkward Cathy did not fill that slot for me.
I don't mean to be a misery guts but that is how I feel.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Bethany's story has been the best because it's the most believable. The Barlow saga: Despite the terrific acting, Daniel's 'Home Alone' back story didn't convince me. How did Denise get away with it for seven years? Nick: sank up to his neck in quick sand, brushes himself down and is making jokes by the evening. The family should have been at his hospital bedside. Too many stories being squashed into half hour slots.

Flo said...

Even with some of the obvious holes from the past, the story with Daniel was my favorite. When he first came to the street, he was somewhat self-confident, even a bit smug at times. He treated Adam and the rest of the clan like they were beneath him and Ken treated him accordingly as the golden boy. As his story has evolved, we've found out that he has had his share of secrets and now it has all come full circle with his breakdown. I thought Rob Mallard did a fantastic job as Daniel, and it will be interesting to see how this story continues.

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