Saturday, 17 June 2017

Ryan Thomas doing another Panto - oh yes he is!

Since leaving Coronation Street as Jason Grimshaw, Ryan Thomas appeared in pantomine last year. And he's just signed up to do panto this Christmas too.

Last year, Ryan starred in Cinderella at Swindon. And this year, he's starring as Captain Hook in Peter Pan at Venue Cymru. The panto opens on Saturday, December 9.

Ryan Thomas first appeared as Jason Grimshaw in Corrie on Christmas Day 2000. It was a role he went on to play for more than 16 years. Best known for romantic entanglements, he left Weatherfield last year in an emotional departure following the death of his on-screen father, Tony.

When he left the show, Ryan Thomas told Inside Soap magazine that leaving the show has been the toughest decision he's had to make because it's been his life since he was 16 years old. It's all he knows, he said, and he wanted to experience more. Ryan was so impressed with Terence Maynard (the actor who played his father Tony) that it inspired him to leave the security of a long-term soap role and find out what the rest of the acting world has to offer. 

Peter Pan opens on Saturday, December 9 at Venue Cymru.

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Anonymous said...

Hollywood film career came to nowt then 😕

Tvor said...

I was thinking the same thing! I reckon we'll see Jason back eventually

Maricha said...

Is that why he left? He hasn't put much effort into it then. To make it in Hollywood it seems to me you have to go stay there to see and be seen for a couple of years unless they came looking for you.

Maricha said...

I hope we do. I liked Jason. He had a good heart.

Cobblestone said...

Bizarre panto casting though. He's really not a Captain Hook.

Jo said...

Has he had any acting roles at all since leaving Corrie?

just me said...

Normally, I am against making comments about the actors on Corrie Fan sites. But it really does baffle me, when some of them leave, in search of more fame? Isnt Corrie famous enough in the UK? I can't understand, why they can't simply ride that train for all it's worth! Surely the position of a main character who visits millions of living room tv's every night, is enough?

a Canadian Fan

Maricha said...

I wonder if it's a search for more fame as opposed to a chance to play different roles. Working on a soap like Corrie is as close to having a routine job as an actor can get but who grows up wanting to be an actor only to play a single role in all their career?

You might accept your fate if you at least get interesting storylines but that's seldom the case. Also, when Corrie salaries were published recently I was surprised at how low they are even for the stars, but for that they're expected to be there most of the time.

I wouldn't be surprised if a minor role in any Hollywood movie paid better and then you've got the rest of the year to do interesting independent movies that give you something to sink your teeth in.

Anonymous said...

How sad for Ryan. I always really liked Jason and missed him when he left. I was really hoping he'd get a break and get some interesting roles. I'm surprised he didn't get cast in any of the incredibly good drama programs that come out of the U.K. My husband and I enjoy them on Netflix.
Perhaps Kate Oats should give him a call and bring him back to Corrie!

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