Friday, 9 June 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 9 June

SHONA TAKES HER SECRET TO THE GRAVE Gail tells David that she is concerned he is getting too close to Shona and that it is too soon. Shona confides in Eileen that she has feelings for David. David takes Lily and Max to Kylie’s grave but is shocked when he finds Shona there. What is she doing there?
BETHANY’S BURNING DESIRE HORRIFIES SARAH Audrey spots the burn mark on Bethany’s arm and tells her Nathan will soon be a distant memory. Sarah meanwhile is horrified to discover Bethany about to burn her other arm with a cigarette and she breaks down saying she deserves it as she has let Nathan down. Sarah is at a loss at what to do.
EVA THWARTS MARIA AND AIDAN’S TRYST Maria tells Aidan that she gets her tag off today so she should come round but unaware of the planned meeting Eva fixes it for Aidan to be at the Rovers when Jenny’s jeweller arrives with sample rings. Realising what she is up to Aidan has another idea.

MARIA SWAPS ONE ANKLE BRACELET FOR ANOTHER. Eva is frustrated to discover Aidan did not fall for her plan and didn’t buy an engagement ring for her. Unaware that he did buy Maria an ankle bracelet to replace her tag! Frustrated that he has not proposed she confides in Johnny who says she should pop the question instead.
ELSEWHERE Jenny is amused when Johnny stumbles on the way home from the pub. She puts it down to too much booze but Johnny knows differently.

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Maricha said...

Aww,FN you got my hopes up with that title of Shona taking her secret to the grave. :-)
Someone called her a ghoul and they were right, what is she doing at poor Kylie's grave? If Kylie could return she'd drag her away from David and her children.
Johnny should stop encouraging Eva and Aiden, he knows his son is a cheat, a similar situation didn't turn out well when Johnny strayed from Aiden's mother.

naysayer said...

Agree with Maricha about Shona. I thought for a second we were in luck and that Shona was going to die. Cannot bear the thought of her and David becoming an item. Hopefully when he finds out her secret he will kick her into touch.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Don't like the way this is going for all sorts of reasons. If they want to make Shona more palatable, for goodness sake, give the woman a sense of humour. She's never been a barrel of laughs even before her attack. David needs light in his life, not someone whose misery is going to drag him down.

Abercrombie said...

I find it excruciating how many times characters deaths are wished for on this blog. Shona is a troubled soul, had a raw deal and has suffered the consequences of a bad relationship with Clayton's father and the destruction of Clayton. I agree the story-line of a pairing with David is not a match made in heaven, however, people with baggage do fall for each other. Honesty, in life, is the best policy; in soaps it is a rare commodity.

Newfy Pearl said...

Abercombie!!!! Thank you. I agree with you 100%.

naysayer said...

Abercrombie! Don't be such an old softie, Shona is an awful character, troubled or not. She can take her baggage and clear off. And she is, after all, only a character on a soap opera, totally dispensable.

naysayer said...

PS David deserves better.

Maricha said...

The show had no qualms about killing Michael, Andy, Kylie, Ruari, Tony and having Sinead get an abortion in the past year or so as well as hinting that Chesney or Nick might die but you think some of us commenters wish death too easily on characters? ;-) Well, OK.
Sorry,if you prefer I'll just wish the characters I dislike gone or paired with someone else as I usually do. It's just that FN's title made me think the show had done a U-turn until I read the post and I couldn't resist joking about it.

Zagg said...

Shona is a liar and a thief. I never liked her and still don't. Matching her with David is ridiculous and a bit gruesome. Who on earth would want the mother of your beloved wife's killer around as a constant reminder? She is not blameless. Clayton is her son, no matter the background.
Get rid.

popcorn said...

I am with Abercrombie. For starters, Shona is NOT Clayton. As someone who taught secondary school for 34 years, I can assure you that try as they might, there are thousands of parents who have no control over their teenagers. And yes, most of them are decent parents trying their best. And in Shona's case, she didn't even bring him up. Why are people so quick to blame her? If you want to blame someone, blame his father.
Furthermore, I like Shona and do think she has a good sense of humour, if quirky - rather like David's, in fact. David himself is no angel (remember him pushing Gail down the stairs? or him bombarding her with peanuts?)
I suggest you save your judgemental attitudes for those who deserve it - such as Phelan. Methinks there is a double standard operating here.

Anonymous said...

popcorn,Granted David is no angel but inn those circumstances you've mentioned, they were reactions to his mother keeping secrets from him such as Tina having an abortion behind his back and keeping quiet about Kylie's and Nick's drunken on night stand.
Gail hasn't learned her lesson either as she also knew about Shona but yet remained friendly with the mother of the man who murdered her grandchildrens' mother.
Sense of humor aside,Shona should not be paired up with David if only for the sake of his children who will not take kindly their father dating the mother of their mother's murderer.They suffered enough why put them through more trauma?

Newfy Pearl said...

I have an answer for that Anonymous....because this new incarnation of Corrie seens nobody happy. Johnny is going to be diagnosed with MS. Anna has physical and emotional scars from the fire. Leanne is left to raise a baby on her own. Daniel has to deal with an idiot mother and self harm issues. Gina is bipolar and Peter is an alcoholic. Bethany is going through a nightmare which will continue to haunt her once she realises what has happened to her. Maria is a little cheat and Eva is going to have her heart broken. Murderer Phelan is continuing to live a happy life. is all about the drama. That is why Shona and David will be together. If no one else's answer satisfies Kate is her Corrie now. lol

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