Monday, 5 June 2017

Lucy Fallon reveals Nathan wants to sell Bethany abroad

Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany Platt in Coronation Street, was interviewed on ITV's This Morning this morning.

Lucy talked about the continuation of the grooming storyline with the inclusion of the policeman Neil who is part of the grooming ring.

She revealed that Nathan wants to 'sell' Bethany overseas and tells her to get her passport from the Platts. Bethany is all excited about moving abroad with Nathan without knowing what he's really up to.

You can watch the video here. As always with the ITV videos, overseas fans may be unable to view it.

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Anonymous said...

This storyline is going on too long - needs ending now. Very bad image they're giving the police. Unwanted in these awful days.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the storyline needs to end sooner rather than later.
Unfortunately whenever there's a storyline involving the Platts,it drags on and on.
After what Nathan put her through recently,why on earth would Bethany consider leaving her family and good friend Craig to move abroad with him?!It boggles the mind.
I don't think the storyline is about awareness anymore,it's become about ratings and how far the writers the go with it,too far in my opinion!

Humpty Dumpty said...

At the moment, the Platts are trusting the police but that doesn't stop them taking legal advice. Bethany could still be made a ward of court while police proceedings were taking place. I think it's fair to say that the story from now on is drama-driven. Surely, it wouldn't be worth Nathan's time or money to take Bethany abroad. Paedophile/pimp rings have contacts everywhere. Nathan could disappear overseas or somewhere in the UK and set up a new enterprise with young foreign girls.

Anonymous said...

I would think for a girl who lived in Milan for most of her life, living abroad would not have the same glamour as for a local girl. She was desperate for Sarah to stay on in Wetherfield when they had come back only for a short trip. I suppose we are to forget inconvenient previous plots.

Anonymous said...

Can we please for the love of God wrap up this horrific storyline. It's getting worse and worse. I'm afraid it will turn folks right off Corrie completely if it doesn't have a satisfactory ending .... Nathan and all his slimy friends go to prison and Bethany gets proper counselling.

Maricha said...
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Maricha said...

Yes. How can a girl who hated being in Milan, of all places, to the point that Weatherfield was were she ran away to, suddenly be struck with wanderlust.

Cobblestone said...

It's got nothing to do with her wanting to live abroad or considering it glamorous; it's all about needing to be with him. It's a form of Stockholm Syndrome (and may be a first in a soap). She'll go anywhere if she thinks it gains her his validation.

But, yes, I too would like this wrapped up soon. Explore the process of deprogramming Bethany, by all means, but spare me having to look at him for much longer. Just the sight of Nathan turns my stomach (kudos to the actor, of course. A brave portrayal).

Anonymous said...

The conversation between Bethany and Craig on Maxine's bench - neither of them know who Maxine is, apart from someone who once lived around here. How is it possible Bethany doesn't know, as Maxine's killer was once her grandmother's husband?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:10
I can hardly imagine a family discussing skeletons in their cupboard with the next generation. 'Btw, did you know grandma was married to a murderer?‘

Maricha said...

I thought people Googled everything now. She's been home for a couple of years, he's lived there a few as well and they never sat there and did a search? Lol, weird kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure David would of mentioned it in one of his many fights with Gail

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