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Coronation Street Friday 9th June episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week's Friday review. As always, not actually on a Friday but as today marks two years since I started writing for the Coronation Street Blog, I think my tardiness can be forgiven!  (If you’d like to read my first ever post I wrote for the blog – it's here. It won’t take long; it is strikingly shorter than my reviews today!)
As morning breaks on Coronation Street, Gail is burning toast and Shona is burning a desire to reveal her secret to David. Gail has noticed that her son has grown attracted to the woman who – unbeknownst to him -
 mothered his wife’s killer and is trying but failing to put him off the scent. Although the backstreet barber is still a little nervous about his feelings, he is encouraged to act upon them by on-off sister-in-law Leanne, who reminds him that she had found happiness (sort of, until recently) after Kal died. 

All geared up to move things forward with Shona, David asks Max and Lily for their approval, which they give generously. He even takes them to see their mum’s grave to remind them that she will always be there with them. And this is when Coincidence Street kicks in. As the Platt clan arrive at the cemetery, they are surprised to see Shona standing over Kylie’s grave.  She had been discharged from hospital earlier in the episode and after kissing David the night before, had decided to pensively visit Kylie’s grave. The kids are left to lay flowers, while David and Shona take a seat on a nearby bench. 

She attempts to set David straight – nothing can happen between them. Confusion ensues and David eventually drags the truth out of Shona. She can’t lie anymore. Looking David in the eye, she tells him that her son’s name isn’t Tom as she had said before. It’s Clayton. This causes David to leap so far off that bench you’d think he had a spring on his backside. He explodes as the truth settles into his consciousness, his romantic feelings for Shona shot down and reborn as hatred.  A classic Corrie row erupts at the graveside, when Shona argues that she had nothing to do with Kylie’s death and that although she hates what her son did, she cannot hate him. In the heat of the moment, she also reveals to David that she knows all about his plot to kill Clayton all those months ago, having overheard a conversation between Gail and Sarah.  David wills her to leave Weatherfield, but the diamond in the rough protests that her life is there now, and Weatherfield is where she shall stay. Good for her. Provided the writers use her correctly, Shona has all the makings of the next Becky Granger.

Also in the tangled Platt drama, Bethany got sillier. I know that is a flippant way to describe her given that she has been groomed, but come on! I can’t be the only one wanting to give her a slap, shake and a hug. She is being treated to a new hairdo in the salon from gran Audrey, who unfortunately notices the cigarette burn left by Nathan and labels him a psychopath. This infuriates Bethany, but she doesn’t show it. Sarah has been visiting Shona in hospital and persuades her to talk to Bethany about Nathan. As an ex of his, she knows all about his evil ways. However, the revelation she landed David with later that afternoon threw bit of a spanner in the works on that front. The teenager is still insistent that Nathan is innocent, much to Sarah’s – and the British public’s – boiling frustration.   
"Me and Nathan are in a different league. We're alive"
"Well, if not pimping me out to his mates or
using me as an ashtray makes Gary boring - I'll take it!"
Desperate Eva sank to new lows in last night’s episode. Appearing to idolise Bridezilla Jenny, she’s determined to get Aidan to propose. Jenny has arranged for a jeweller to come to the factory to price up wedding rings, and Eva wastes no time in coercing a situation with him which she hopes will get her hitched. She asks the salesman for a drink, who is initially bamboozled by the invitation from the bubbly blonde. That is until he is persuaded by her to start a friendly conversation with Aidan and attempt to flog him an engagement ring. Eva fabricates an excuse to leave the pub as soon as her boyfriend walks in, and the two are left equally bemused by the situation thrust upon them. However, the salesman doesn’t walk away empty handed. Aidan does buy something – just not a ring.
"I got you a new tag. From now on, you're my prisoner!"
It’s a good day for Maria. She’s seeing Aidan, losing her tag and having a sh…well, you know.  She does feel a little strange without her ankle tag. But never fear, Maria. Aidan’s here and he’s only gone and bought her an anklet from that jeweller Eva wanted him to buy her an engagement ring from.  After learning that Aidan did not purchase a ring, Eva explains her frustrations to Jonny, who suggests that the best way forward is possibly for her to propose to Aidan herself, an idea which she laps up.
"If you're waiting for that idiot son of mine to get his act together,
you'll die an old maid"
Elsewhere, Denise shows Rana and Zeedan a thing or two about managing an engine when they are having problems with their new food van. She tries encouraging the two to trade the van in for for a camper van, reminiscing about her days travelling and describing them as the best days of her life. The “best days of her life” as she calls them, were also the days that she had abandoned Daniel and left him to fend for himself. Unfortunately, this conversation is overheard by the lad himself and he storms off. Diva Daniel throws a strop and tells his apologetic mother to leave, throwing a suitcase at her in the process. Ken later sees her on the Street putting bags into her car. She explains that she won’t be going far this time, and she will be keeping an eye on him. As well as all that, Jonny and Bridezilla Jenny went salsa dancing, which played havoc with Jonny’s dodgy leg, despite his denial. Oh, and Gina revealed to the shocked knicker stitchers that Our Pal Sal once got so drunk she wet herself in Locarno!  

An enjoyable couple of episodes with a good dose of uncontrived comedy, something the Street is crying out for right now.

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Newfy Pearl said...

I think Daniel did the right thing to kick his lousy mother out. I wish Ken had known the reason then he could have given her bus fare.
Audrey's reaction to seeing the burn mark was was Sarah's comment regarding the pimping out and ashtray thing.
I liked the scene with Leanne and David.
I am glad that Shona told David the truth.

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