Thursday, 8 December 2016

Pics: Mary's son arrives in Coronation Street

What a peformance last night by Patti Clare as Mary Taylor, she had me in bits.  And this Christmas Mary's boy child will turn up in Coronation Street.

Her son is called Jude Appleton and ITV have now released official pictures of Mary with her son.

Once Jude and Mary reunite, he'll ask her to move away with him to South Africa. Will Mary move or stay put on the Street?

Jude will turn up in the show on Christmas Day.  He'll be played by actor Paddy Wallace. Check out his IMDB profile here.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Terrific performance by Patti Clare and also by Malcolm Hebden. Hats off to the writers for making Maureen Nuttall the nurse who found Mary's baby. What a cow her mother is! Anonymous on 6 December said it would involve a rape and they were right. Mary might well go to South Africa if Patti Clare wants a break but I hope she doesn't leave Weatherfield for good. Very moving, truly Corrie gold.

Ancient corrier said...

What a Corrie moment that was! Hope it works out better for Mary than it did for Haley.

Anonymous said...

It was so refreshing and welcome to see Mary and particularly Norris in proper scenes and storyline - he is particularly underutilised, why have they not exploited the huge comedy potential of Norris and Sean living as the "odd couple?
But best of all, we finally understand more about Mary and perhaps why she is like she is. It's probably been the slowest burn character reveal in soap history!

John from Corriepedia said...

I have to add my praise to that of so many others. It was a terrific scene and relatively unspoilered so that it's impact was all the greater. Truly memorable.

Anonymous said...

Love the new Mary story line. Just hope it isn't the happy ending that writes her out of the show. :( Just a week or so ago, I was one of the commenters expressing delight that Andy was getting a story line but look where it's the show and in an ignominious way.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to both performances last night. That scene is why I watch Corrie. As a viewer, I don't need "Melodramtic" "Explosions" "Affair" etc., I want to see scenes like these where we have character development and (even if it's a show) it represents real life. How they softly spoke with barely a tear, the look on Norris's what a scene.

I don't like mean spirited Norris but I like this side of him, he deeply cares about Mary. We saw it with Maddy as well, how much he respected her. It's about time he and Mary had a serious storyline because they can act and touch our hearts. I wonder if his next big storyline would involve Emily....but this isn't the post for that.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Mary and Brian get together. Such odd bodkins, the pair of them.

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