Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas burglar in the Bistro on Coronation Street

Oh dear. Andy's in for an awful time over Christmas, says Inside Soap magazine.

We already know that Andy attacks Phelan and the villain ends up in hospital.

And now, we can confirm that Andy will go to devious lengths to cover his tracks and try to shake the feds (as Kirk would say).

To avoid being implicated in Phelan's attack, Andy needs money fast. And so he nicks tablet devices that Steph's ordered for the Bistro in order to sell them to earn some cash.

However, a story about a cast member's leaving party hit the headlines yesterday.  Could Phelan be the reason that this cast member leaves?

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Sara said...

I really liked Andy, why have they turned him into a villain? If he is leaving why can't he leave to do something better than just working in the Bistro?

Anonymous said...

When I first read about this I thought, "Oh no yet another character transplant", however he's returning to who he was at first - a pretty dishonest person really!

Tvor said...

ruination of another nice character. typical.

Aussie Pete said...

I'm not liking this at all. Don't wreck the nice character we all love!

Anonymous said...

Instead of bringing in new characters it would be nice to see a story for Andy and Steph, or Luke for that matter.

Flo said...

This makes me sad, I can't believe they are turning him into a horrible character. Yes, he did some not so nice things at the beginning, but it had a nice ending to it.

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