Sunday, 28 August 2016

Corrie Weekly Update - Sapphire, Sonia and the seven year affair

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It’s the Nazir’s 45th wedding anniversary and while they celebrate their Sapphire anniversary, Sonia turns up in a sari. Now then, Sonia, it appears, is more than just an old friend of the family, she’s been having a seven-year saucy affair with Sharif. There’s already too many words beginning with the letter ‘s’ in this sentence so I won’t bother you with another short one telling you what I think of this storyline.

Bethany starts taking diet pills after Max jokes and calls her fat when she breaks Lily’s swing that David’s put up in the garden. David hasn’t fixed the swing right, there’s a screw loose – in both David and the swing. He holds the screw in his hand, tight, until it draws blood. Coping with Kylie’s death he is not.  Convinced she’s overweight, Bethany works out at the gym and collapses in a sweaty heap. Bully Lauren also throws her weight around and Bethany confides in lovely Gary.
Leanne decides to move to Liverpool but when she’s on the bus in the station and before it pulls away, Nick gets on and begs her to stay. He knows about the baby after Eva tells him and tells Leanne he’ll bring it up as his own. Well, when Gail finds out, ooh, you should have seen the face on her, it was Corrie gold.  She’s never liked Leanne.   Nick asks Leanne and Simon to move into his flat up at Victoria Court.   This leaves Leanne’s flat available for Eva to move Aidan in, something Eva wants but something Aidan doesn’t.

Eileen returns tanned from Thailand and Phelan’s straight onto her asking if Jason wants to invest in his dodgy scam.  Eileen confirms that it’s what Jason wants and Phelan is over the moon that Eileen’s as thick as he thought.

Short and sweet, that’s just about that for this week.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

You have to feel a certain sympathy for the writers who must know they're writing drivel. The actors might as well be holding lollipop boards stating 'Plot Device'. Sharif Nazir's affair: OK, so which of the actors in that family is leaving? An exit storyline if ever there was one. Bethany going back to a school she hates: cue big crush on Gary who will probably fancy her mother. Didn't we just have this storyline with Callum? Eileen and Phelan: the lollipop board changes to 'Who Cares?' Then the so-called redeemed Tracy who apparently can only do nasty. I stopped caring about that character a long time ago. Depressing stuff but I'm still watching (a bit) and still hoping for better things.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 'рhrase of dooms' Humрty - signрosting the next рlot device! ;)

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