Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Pics: Derek Griffiths arrives in Corrie next week

Derek Griffiths will be seen on Coronation Street for the first time next week. 

Derek is joining Coronation Street as retired mechanic Freddie, a pensioner who strikes up an unlikely friendship with Kylie following the death of his wife, a beauty client of Kylie's. Through Kylie he finds new friends and a surrogate community in the Street.

Speaking about joining Coronation Street Derek said:

"I remember being a young boy and watching Violet Carson on Coronation Street. She was a brilliant character that people loved to hate and later when I became an actor and played the villain in panto many times those are qualities I would bring to the role.

"When I came for my audition one of the first things I saw was a huge photo of Violet Carson on the wall. I am very much looking forward to walking in those hallowed footsteps."

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