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Coronation Street episode review, New Year's Eve 2015

It's a happy new year for Fiz and Ty as the hospital confirm that the chemotherapy has had the desired effect and Hope's tumour has shrunk enough to make it operable. I'm glad that this storyline is coming to an end; it was never going to have a harrowing conclusion and to my mind, the more interesting part of it has been Tyrone's reactions. Whilst Fiz has been, variously, strong, upset, despairing, optimistic, Tyrone has been irritable, unreasonable, ungrateful, in denial. To me, that's probably a realistic portrayal of how someone would react to such dreadful circumstances. Anyway, he still hasn't told Fiz about the money that they owe to payday loan companies and angry elves, which, on another level, is similar to the debt that many people have after a spend-heavy Christmas when we, like Tyrone, want the perfect time, perhaps to forget about the other things going on in our lives.

Emily, whom Rita advises to "grab every opportunity while we can" has a new year resolution, to help Geoffrey with his orphanage. Emily is off to Peru, a reverse Paddington (I hope she takes a bottle of sweet sherry with her, rather than marmalade sandwiches). Norris is annoyed about Emily's new lease of life, and not just because he won't get any rent for six months. He suggests Liverpool "if you must go travelling" and calls her "a silver-topped Che Guevara in wide-fitting shoes", which is funny, but unfair. Rita generously says that he is worried for Emily, but we know that he doesn't want to be left all alone, comfort-eating cheese and pineapple on sticks. It's a pity that Spider couldn't have come back for an episode as Cilla was brought back for Fiz's maternity exit storyline and Rob for the Johnny/Carla revelation. I guess his juice bar in Streatham was keeping him busy.

Emily trying out the traditional instruments of Peru.

Talking of Johnny and Carla, the latter is keeping schtum for now, but is spiralling back down into her addictions, red wine and (as we will see) gambling. She forgets Nick's birthday (to Leanne's interfering disapproval) and the best she can come up with is a card from Dev's. Not so much new year new you for Carla as plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

The episode moves into party territory, featuring Ken's tiki hut with plastic lei and flowers and -  despite his insistence that a party shouldn't be about what you can get away with - back of the booze cupboard cocktails. I do hope Ken's very busy Hawaiian shirt becomes the new kimono. Over at the Bistro and the pub, we see the lip-locked and the lovelorn. Whereas Aidan buys Eva, in another amazing red dress, "something expensive and fizzy" and snogs her face off, and Kevin and Anna share a tentative kiss, elsewhere Kate (in yet another awful blouse) is upset because Caz has to return to her garrison, Mary because Brendan goes back to his wife, Luke as Maria is away, whilst Tracey longs for Robert, and Audrey for Ken.

Hoping for a better 2016 is poor Steph, still ashamed about the naked pictures (I bet she didn't look at her "Year In Review" on Facebook). I hope the Corrie writers' NY resolution is to write a decent storyline for her and Gandy.

Have a happy new year, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Remembering how he remained by Emily's bedside after she was brutally attacked by Richard Hillman,I'll give Norris the benefit of the doubt by believing he is genuinely concerned about Emily's safety and health during her trip to Peru. Although Norris can be a curmudgeon at times but both Emily and Rita are his dearest friends and the closest he has to family and would be lost without them.

Newfy Pearl said...

I am surprised no one else is worried about her going to Peru! I think Norris is the only clear thinking person in this scenario - and you don't read that everyday!

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing that it is the same crew that did such a wonderful job on the Christmas Day episodes that they could actually really mess up the horrible New Years eve episode and even worse, the New Years Day episode. Terrible story lines. And I actually believed things were going to get better. More the fool me.

Beth said...

So true Newfy Pearl. It's quite an odd write out for an 80+ lady with no particular skills to help in an orphanage in an underprivileged country that is challenging enough for the young, fit and healthy. I also found it odd that the story was over and done with in three episodes with no prior mention of Spider and his work there. Norris did seem the only one with common sense.

As for Carla, I felt we were back in a time warp. If Alison King is as bored as I am with her storylines, there's no wonder she's leaving. Personal crisis, walk into bistro, swig merlot, alienate all around, gamble, get told off by Michelle, swig merlot, feel sorry for self, swig merlot, get telling off from Michelle, gamble, walk into bistro, swig merlot, alienate all around, gamble....... If this is what we've got to look forward to then I hope she hurries up and leaves!

I hope they didn't pull out all the stops for the Christmas episode and now we are left for the dregs for the new year.

Newfy Pearl said... you remember they did that with Becky too! No amount of love and support seemed to help. Once adversity hit it was right down the path of self care for who was hurt along the way.
Wouldn't it be nice if these characters could mature and share their experience to help younger ones.
You brought out good points about the Peru fiasco as well. Btw...when did Emily learn Spanish! Lol

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