Monday, 4 January 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 4 Jan 2015

I quite liked Johnny at first but now, his main concern is that neither Kate nor Aidan find out that he is Carla’s dad, rather than being full of remorse for and not declaring his fathering of Carla earlier. He now seems wholly concerned with ‘protecting’ his children when what he is really doing is protecting himself. His children though are not children. Surely they could cope with the revelation of a new half-sister, especially one such as Carla. As Liz says, it’s not as if it’s Tracy Barlow. Daddy dearest is proving to be a man who is a bit of a coward – a man who is no longer in the first flush of youth who perhaps ought to have the guts to tell the truth.

Perhaps though, it might not be so simple. He confesses to Liz that the night Lou, the mother of Aidan and Kate, died, was after Carla’s mum had told Lou about ‘what had happened between us.’ He continues, saying that ‘Lou was hysterical – ran out the front door, the guy was drunk, driving too fast.’

After a visit to Rob, Carla decides to tell the truth. The exchange between brother and sister is hostile and harsh. Rob says, ‘You think I wanted to see you. You’re the whole reason I’m here.’ Carla is having none of it. She reminds him how she was the one who picked him up and put him on his feet. It was Rob who got himself back in prison. Rob tells Carla that if Johnny had been more of a man, she would have had a better life. It is when Rob tells Carla to tell Johnny to get Rob his money, that Carla decides the truth must come out. On leaving, Carla says, ‘Do me a favour, when you get out of here, don’t come looking for me.’ Rob says he wishes he could watch as the truth is revealed. Carla reminds him that he can’t ‘because he will be too busy rotting away in jail.’

In the backroom of The Rovers Carla tells Aidan and Kate the truth. Both are very upset, and Liz, inadvertently, makes it worse by a reference to the death of their mother and how Lou and Johnny were in the midst of a row. Kate and Aidan pick up on this, Aidan even saying that Johnny has their mother’s blood on his hands. He adds, ‘After we walk out of this room, I don’t want you anywhere near me.’  Carla tells Johnny that she has managed without
his love for 41 years and there is no need for it now.

Nessa is in deep trouble. Finding an excuse to confront her, Roy leaves the cafĂ© and goes to Ken’s house. He reveals that he has discovered letters from her to Cathy’s husband, Nessa’s own brother in law. Ken comes in with Eccles to witness the goings on and is disapproving. Seems now that Nessa will have to go.

Nessa begs Roy to give her the key to Cathy’s house so that she can remove the incriminating letters. He refuses at first saying it is a betrayal of trust, but when she suggests they go together, he concedes. Too late. On arrival at Cathy’s, she is already there and has found the letters. She demands that Nessa get out of her house and sobs. She is cross with Roy for not telling her earlier, and he admits that it was an error of judgement.

There is no sympathy for Nessa from Ken. She tells him what a terrible time she has had. ‘Are you truly incapable of thinking about anyone else but yourself?’ Surely the end is nigh. Audrey! Are you there?

Kevin’s date could be described as just a little garrulous or perhaps unhinged. She is keen. She arrives at the garage to see if Kevin is free for lunch, then she suggests that they watch Dirty Dancing later – she’ll bring round her much worn DVD. As Erica says, ‘Someone’s keen.’ In the kebab shop after Erica and Anna have had their night out, Kevin offers to walk Anna home. He tells her she scrubs up well. Maybe before long.
Rita asks Norris how he is coping after Emily’s departure. Her claims all is well. ‘What are you expecting to happen? That I’ll wither away to a bag of bones and turn up here with my trousers inside out?’

Mary is distant and turns down a cup of tea at The Kabin. Rita asks about ‘that chap of yours.’ Mary’s reply is rather unexpected. ‘ You’d like the chance to gallop into town on a horse called I told you so. We’re fine, better than fine, positively blissful!’ Her tone is anything but blissful.

John Humphrys may have a challenger to be quiz master of Mastermind, as Amy Barlow is doing a great job of asking Todd the names of various flowers for Tracy’s planned florists. Todd fails miserably but his heart isn’t in it.

Carla’s woes are growing. After a quick touch base with Roy, reconfirming their friendship, Robert passes Carla in the street. He appears upset at her ignoring him but she regrets what she did and has no desire to be reminded. Robert though, is unhappy about her trying to ignore him and threatens her. ‘You’re the one with something to lose. I could make life very difficult for you if I wanted to.’ Carla is well aware of that.

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Anonymous said...

Great review. I really enjoyed the double Corrie tonight. It was all going on!

Felt bad for Poor Roy who was only trying to protect Cathy.

About time Ken showed Nessa the door!

The prison scenes with Carla and Rob were excellent. I particularly liked seeing Rob's eyes tear up when Carla walked away from him. Good to see that someone can get to him as Tracy didn't have that effect.

The other Robert appears to be channeling Tracy. Just because his boss's girlfriend isn't falling over herself for him, he resorts to blackmail. Really! Looks like he was far more suited to Tracy than we realised -
I suppose that is what TPTB want, anyway. Pity they have zero chemistry.

Tvor said...

yes, the Carla and Rob stuff was top! She got the final word and scored the final point, not letting on at all if he managed to push any of her buttons, which I'm sure he did.

Ken has a lot of hypocritical nerve disapproving of Nessa's affair. I can understand him being angry that she put Roy in an awkward position but he seemed just as disapproving about the reason in the first place. Mind you, he never had an affair on any of his wives' close relatives.

I felt a tiny bit sorry for Joanne, poor woman is a bundle of nerves! It must get irritating after awhile, though.

Anonymous said...

David Neilson and Melanie Hill are brilliant together. I love them on this show. I wish they would keep them together as they make a great couple, but I know they split up. I hope they get back together after the upcoming fire this week. I enjoy Anna and Kevin's burgeoning romance, too. I'm afraid that apart from Carla, I can't take to the Connors. Very poor actors in my opinion.

Newfy Pearl said...

I have to say I did enjoy it a little when Robert put Carla in her place...afterall she is equally guilty in the one night stand. But in the back of my mind I couldn't help but think of Charlie Stubbs and how Tracy has another bully man to "put down".
Ken is really a hypocrite when it comes to other people having affairs. He is too too funny.
Looking forward to Kev and Anna. Enjoying the Anna and Erica friendship.
Is it just me or is Liz looking really good these days. No longer the mutton dressed as lamb. She looks lovely I think.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget...Denise Osbourne did the naughty-naughty with, and left Ken for, HER own brother- in-law back in 1995/6, so he has been down this road before and knows how it would feel...

Anonymous said...

The thing that got to me was Ken on his high horse berating Nessa over her affair when he himself has had numerous affairs! The nerve of him to tell her off. LOL! Deidre must be rolling in her grave laughing.

- Pod

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Nessa, awful woman.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth,I felt more sorry for Johnny who seemed regretful than I did for his spoilt children who a week ago had a sleazy bet on whether or not Aiden will sleep with Eva and Kate thought it was funny seeing Eva humilated.
I wondered though why was Liz in the back in the first place during a private Connor family meeting,her big mouth about Johnny's wife's death being suicide made things worse.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for one second that Roy, would have for one second read mail that didn't belong to him. It's just not in his character, that is, the one that's been portrayed all these years. All of a sudden he's a snoop? Not buying into this ridiculous storyline either, but I guess this is a lead in to Roy's exit for the foreseeable.

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