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Monday 4 November 2013

Favourite Corrie couples countdown - second poll

Now, I hope you've voted for two favourite Coronation Street couples in the blog's first poll of ten last week and thank you for doing so. If not, you can still do so. The poll closes on Monday, 11th November at midnight.
I do hope you have favourites in the first poll and so on to the second batch.
Mike Baldwin and Alma Sedgewick/Baldwin (1989-1999) – What began as an on/off tempestuous relationship turned into a wonderful partnership that defined 1990s Corrie. Despite being exasperated at times by his dodgy dealings, Alma stuck by Mike. The Baldwins separated in 1999 when Mike had an affair with Julia Stone and they divorced. Any possibility of a reunion was tarnished when Alma died in 2001.

Alan Howard and Elsie Tanner/Howard (1969-1973) – Alan hired Elsie as manageress in his hair salon and after a whirlwind romance they married. But the marriage was fraught with difficulties – Alan became bankrupt, he had an affair with Janet Reid and he started drinking heavily. In 1973, the Howards decided to start afresh and moved to Newcastle. Elsie returned alone in 1976, announcing the marriage was over. They divorced in 1978.
Ray Langton and Deirdre Hunt/Langton (1975-1978) – After fianc√© Billy Walker fled to Jersey, Deirdre found comfort in her boss Ray. After a whirlwind romance they married. Tracy was born in 1977 and they became quite the perfect little family. But, like any other Corrie couple, they faced difficulties. Deirdre was sexually assaulted and contemplated suicide. This damaged the marriage and Deirdre’s reluctance to be close to Ray resulted in his affair with Janice Stubbs. Although the marriage survived the affair, when Ray was offered a job in Holland, Deirdre refused to join him. Ray returned in 2005 to make amends before he died of stomach cancer.

Richard Hillman and Gail Platt/Hillman (2001-2003) – Gail fell for suave Richard at Alma’s funeral and they soon began a relationship and he moved in. But Richard had a dark side – he was a fraudster and a murderer. With two deaths on his mind, he married Gail in 2002. Over the next few months, he went into financial difficulties and went to desperate measures to overcome them – by trying to kill Audrey and Emily. He also killed Maxine Peacock. Gail became suspicious and he confessed. He was on the run before returning to kidnap the family and drive into the canal. Only Richard perished.
Sean Tully and Marcus Dent (2007-2008, 2011-2012) – The first Corrie gay couple. They met in hospital when Sean accompanied Violet Wilson when she went for their baby scan. They embark on a relationship and Marcus is the one to deliver Violet’s baby Dylan. But soon enough the couple face problems as Sean becomes paranoid of the men Marcus befriends. Marcus is tired of Sean’s jealousy and they separate and Marcus moves to London. When Sean goes to London in 2011, he’s shocked to see Marcus again. The flame is still there and they retry their relationship but yet again the relationship ends when Marcus sleeps with Maria Connor and they embark on a relationship.

So who’s your favourite out of the second poll? Voting closes at midnight on Monday, 18th November.

And remember that a vote for your favourite could mean they could win the top spot in the countdown!

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