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Saturday 23 November 2013

Nit Picking on Corrie

At least two little niggly things jumped out at me this week and clearly, the writers don't do their research. I know it's nitpicking, but there you are.

First, I laughed at Todd grabbing the airport run and having a fistful of cash. Weatherfield is meant to stand in for Salford and anyone going to the airport is going to call a local company so the customer had to live in the general area. I've taken a mini cab from Salford to the Manchester airport lots of times and the most I've ever paid was about 25 pounds in the middle of the afternoon (with traffic) plus a few quid for a tip.

Now, it looked like Todd might have taken the customer in the evening so there'd be traffic but I've done the run in a cab in the middle of the afternoon and the traffic would be similar to what it would be in the evening post-rush hour. Todd wouldn't end up with a fist full of cash like he did.

The second niggle was over Deirdre's flight to Canada. Peter took her to the airport at 2 a.m. Excuse me? There are no 2 a.m. flights to anywhere in Canada from Manchester. There is no flight from Manchester to Canadian destinations full stop. You have to go through London. I've looked at the departures on the website to confirm this.

There aren't even any shuttle flights to London to catch a flight to Canada that time of the morning. Ever. It's overnight on the way back to the UK *from* Canada. The earliest flight from Manchester to London is about 7:30 a.m. or thereabouts.

Trust me. I know these things.

(edited: Ok I stand corrected. There are flights to Canada in the winter. I maintain that they still do not leave Manchester airport anywhere near 2 a.m. even for an early check in. I'll get me coat)

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Stevie said...

you do have to check in a couple of hours early for long haul flights but well spotted with these!

I'll be looking harder from now on :)

Newfy Pearl said...

I am from Canada. This info did not enhance my viewing of Corrie in the least. Hope your venting made you feel better. lol

Anonymous said...

I live in British Columbia, Canada. There are flights from Manchester to Vancouver BC.I have flown from Manchester to Vancouver many times and my sister flew from Manchester to Vancouver last month to visit us.

Tvor said...

Ah well the departures schedule for tomorrow had nothing. And actually during the summer season at least, ending in October, there are Air Transat flights but from what I can see, nothing from November to May

Anonymous said...

And Thomas Cook Airlines operate charter flights through the Winter season (Nov-April) to Canadian destinations.

Frosty the Snowman said...

This is a bit petty I find it more unbelievable that Dreary would jet off (at whatever time) and miss Peters wedding as they have always been quite close.

John McE said...

I think you'll find the real reason is that Deirdre wanted to get there early so she could smoke 500 cigarettes before boarding, in order to see her through the long flight.

Anonymous said...

The research seems to be getting better. At least whole storylines are not based on factual errors like the Leanne/Peter custody battle.

Nevertheless, I particularly dislike errors like these which betray a lack of local knowledge. Has no-one in cast or crew got a taxi to Manchester airport or been there late at night? The place is dead after 11pm. It makes me sad if Coronation Street is being produced by southerners.

Unknown said...

For me it's when they go to Manchester Victoria station to get a train to London !


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