Friday, 29 November 2013

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 29 Nov

PETER AND TINA EDGE EVER CLOSER TO AN ENCOUNTER Peter’s miles away thinking about Tina but Carla assumes he is brooding over Simon. Carla confesses to Michelle that she’s worried Peter might have changed his mind about marrying her. At Peter’s stag do, Tina and Liz have to break up a potential fight between Rob and Peter but when Tina follows Peter into the Rovers backyard will he confess his feelings to Tina.
THE CROPPERS GO COFFIN SHOPPING Having finished Carla’s dress, Hayley’s exhausted but is pleased when Carla tries it on and is thrilled. Worried that Roy’s not as prepared for her death as she thought he was, Hayley suggests an outing but will the destination be too much for Roy?
THE WINDASSES WAIT FOR NEWS OF FAYE’S FATE Anna’s tense as the threat of prosecution hangs over Faye and is determined to persuade Peter and Leanne to drop the charges.
ELSEWHERE Michelle’s annoyed when steve arrives home late from his history class.


PETER AND TINA TRY TO RESIST THEIR PASSION Liz comes out into the backyard to find a flustered Peter and Tina. Tina tells Liz that nothing is going on but sceptical Liz isn’t fooled. Peter apologises to Tina for getting carried away, but will they be able to resist each other much longer?
ROY AND HAYLEY MAKE GRAVE PLANS Noting how awkward and abstracted Roy is, Hayley regrets her blasé undertaking. After sharing a drink with Carla at her hen do, Hayley returns to find an apologetic Roy. But is he really ready to discuss Hayley death?
ANNA AND FAYE HAVE A HEART-TO HEART The family are relieved when Anna reveals Leanne doesn’t want to take matters any further with the police but Anna’s upset to learn Faye fears the family will abandon her.
ELSEWHERE Peter’s appalled to find Carla and Rob have put the past behind them and Steve’s aghast to find Lloyd sent Andrea a suggestive text from his phone.

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Anonymous said...

So, Peter stood by Carla during her rape ordeal, finally giving in to her, starts and affair and dumps Leanne, is crazy about Carla until he loses the bookies and then just loses all control and goes after Tina...because - why. This has not been explained. So pathetic that these storylines are just tossed in there without one iota of credibility. It's no wonder some of the actors are opting out of this mess. I see fins.

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