Monday, 18 November 2013

Last day on set for Julie Hesmondhalgh

This tweet from Antony Cotton, who plays Coronation Street's Sean Tully,  (@antonycotton) was spied this morning on Twitter:   "Sat in me dressing room ready for @juliehes's last day ever on Coronation Street. Feel numb. What a depressing day #thankyouforallofit."

So today is Julie Hesmondhalgh's last day on set. That sounds like Hayley will pass away early in the new year because you know they'll have to have one more gut wrenching emotional Christmas for our Roy and Hales.  All these years have been a wonderful, joyous ride, David and Julie, and we thank you very much! 

And on a personal level, the introduction of Hayley to the Street also was what brought a lovely woman into mine and Flaming Nora's circle of friends when she joined the old Corrie chat room, telling us all that she was "like Hayley". She was also the woman that advised the show on Hayley's transexual character and helped fill in some of Hayley's backstory.  We owe Julie H. and ITV/Granada as was a big thanks for that as well! 

I know Julie will be a big success in whatever she tackles in her career. It'll be tough to say goodbye. Good luck to her in all that she does.

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Hilda's Murial said...

Julie would make a good Miss Marple

Newfy Pearl said...

I think Hayley is ok...but I am not going to really miss her. I really don't look forward to Roy by himself......time for him to grow up. All I see is moaning and self indulgent nastiness in the months after Hayley's death.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Roy and Hayley are being portrayed beautifully in this storyline but, despite the accurate presentation of trans-gender, Hayley isn't a particularly well-rounded character. It's implied by what she says that her easy-going nature is a way to fit in with people. So what's been bubbling up underneath? She has always been for me a bit too goody-goody and it's her relationship with Roy/DN that has made her interesting. I would like to see Hayley settle a few scores in the Street before she goes, namely, Tracy. I don't want Hayley to be a saint where everyone apart from Roy is concerned. If she goes out in a sugar sweet fashion, she'll soon be forgotten. The storyline will live on in people's memories but not her character.

Anonymous said...

Hayleys story is exceptional,excellently written and outstanding performances from Julie Hesmondalgh and David Neilson. Moving , Heartbreaking,reduced me to tears.

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