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Sunday 24 November 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update - the floozy bit of spare

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Hayley cracks on with designing Carla’s wedding dress, it’s got puffed sleeves and frills and Carla’s not best pleased. She is not, after all, a puffed sleeves and frills sort of a girl. Moaning to Peter in the factory, Carla wonders if asking Hayley to design her wedding dress was a good idea: “I’ve just asked a terminally ill woman with no sense of style to design my wedding dress.  Do I walk down the aisle looking like a sack of spuds or shatter her dreams, break her heart and sack her?”  So it’s  back to the drawing board as Carla rips up Hayley’s designs and sticks bits of paper together, matching bits from one frock design with another. “Can you mek it?” Carla asks Hayley. “Yes I can!” Hayley replies.

Julie’s heartbroken this week and it’s all Brian’s fault, but Julie has yet to find out the truth.  They’re visited by a woman from social services who’s come to check out their flat to see if it’s suitable before their application to become foster parents can go further.  Julie’s fussing over the appointment, determined to make a good impression and get the child she so desperately wants.  But Brian doesn’t want what Julie wants and hasn’t the guts to tell her.  So when the flat inspection’s over, he walks the woman from social services down the Street, tells her his heart’s not into fostering, in fact he hates kids after having to work with the little beggars every day at school, and wants to cancel their application to foster.  Brian intercepts the letter when it arrives in the post to confirm cancellation  and lies to Julie that they’ve been turned down as potential foster parents for reasons unknown.  Oh, Brian, how could you? How dare you break Julie’s heart?  But Brian’s mind has already moved on to other matters when he gets a new job offered to him from a museum in Wales. 

Speaking of nasty little kids, Grace does the unspeakable this week and torments little Simon, dressing him up in Amy’s frock and smearing his face with make-up.   Grace ropes in Faye in her evil plan, and Faye’s too weak to say no.  Anna’s already started to be suspicious of Grace and when she has both Leanne and Tracy banging at her door to complain about Faye, Anna knows summat’s up but Faye’s lying through her teeth, in fear of what Grace could possibly do to her if she should fess up. 

Over at Streetcars, Todd’s broke and no one will loan him cash. So when he gets a call from someone wanting an airport run, he takes the spare Streetcars cab (aka the floozy) and does the airport run himself, for a cash fare.    Sean’s taken a bit of a shine to young Todd and wonders if he fancies a night out in the 80s nightspot The Spandau Palais.  Todd declines and they all end  up in the Bistro having tea with Eileen instead.

Down at Underworld, Beth’s trying to win Employee of the Month and gets Sinead to stitch knickers out of hours in order for Beth to win the most pants produced.  But Kirk finds the pants in Beth’s bag at work and knows his beloved Beth has been lying to win the competition.  He’s beyond upset and refuses to listen to Beth when she tells him she was only cheating to win the cash prize so she could buy him and Craig nice things for Christmas. “I was going to buy you some David Beckham keks” she says to which Kirk replies: “I just want an honest relationship” Sinead fesses up and gets a knicker stitching job, Beth loses the £100 prize money and Sally wins it instead.  Sally also gets promoted to supervisor now that Hayley’s no longer working in the factory and Mrs Connor will be going off on honeymoon soon.  And yes, Sally’s as smug as you’d think she’d be with the news she’s now in charge.

Audrey takes in David now that Tina’s chucked him out of the flat and he’s spotted getting into all kinds of bother on the cobbles, trying to fight with Peter and drinking too much.  Meanwhile, Gail mithers Nick who’s really not well,  losing his temper and forgetting things. Why we haven’t seen Nick back at th’ospital getting the care he so very clearly needs is beyond this fan.

In the Bistro, as Nick has a meltdown and Leanne becomes his carer, new girl Steff starts work behind the bar as Gail has problems with the chef’s soggy shallots.

And finally this week, determined to better himself and learn to help Amy with her homework, Steve starts a history class at college. He admits to Lloyd that he’s only doing it to get away from his mum and Michelle nagging at him in the pub.  And in other news, Deirdre’s gone to Canada to be with her Ken, leaving Eccles unloved and unwalked.

And that’s just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Joe Turner, Chris Fewtrell, Damon Rochefort, Mark Burt, Julie Jones, Ellen Taylor.   Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Anonymous said...

Persons suffering from a traumatic brain injury have got to go for therapy - it's pretty much a necessity so this storyline is rubbish - Nick grabbing his head constantly and looking confused, them mumbling out "I'm so sorry". His family are idiots - why aren't they making sure he's checking in at the brain injury clinic on a regular basis instead of punishing him?

Carla asks what machine Sinead used to stitch the nickers. She tells her it's an old Singer so-and-so. Carla nods, all impressed - as if she'd even know one machine from another. GMAB.
And then, as if there are scads of orders coming in from all over the world for Underworld drawers she gives Sinead a job on the spot. Sure. Later on we see the whole gang heading out to the Rovers to get trashed. It was funny though when the ladies were half in the bag, murdering some poor song, and Sinead, the only sober one can't wait to get out of there. I hope they don't turn her character into a slut like they have done so many others. I think she's like a little Claire Peacock.

abbyk said...

About Nick, it's a shame no one with any medical qualifications hasn't at least seen him in passing (ahem, Marcus), and that there isn't a qualified therapist nearby (cough cough, Jenna). Yeah, she's a physio and he has brain injury, but she knows caring and could guide him through prescribed exercises, when she isn't too busy making coffee. RECOVERY IS A GREAT STORY!!! I'll stop shouting now. And for gods sake, Nick can keep the beard but give him a good trim. His gran is a stylist and he's not running a biker bar. That scruffy neck doesn't work.

Tracy could take some lessons from Grace, how to be nasty yet compelling.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think Carla would be aware of the sewing machine because she was always into fashion from day one...remember the children dungaree line she started when she first came on the street?
Also regarding Carla...why was it such a big deal for Hayley to design a dress...why didn't Carla show her the pic of the one she could not get but had decided was ideal??? Problem solved.

Rosie L said...

Yes Newfy Pearl, I thought the same, it's so stupid that they didn't do that. Must have been male writers on that week!

Anonymous said...

How is it that someone is hired, on the spot, no background check, nothing in the bizarre world of Coronation Street. Twice this week, people have been hired slam-bang without even an interview. I guess that's all done behind the scenes.


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