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Saturday 30 November 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 29 November

Two big life events wove threadlike through tonight’s episodes as both wedding and funeral preparations took centre stage.

Peter’s focus continues to be Simon as he irritably tells Carla she gives King Kong a run for his money in the Bridezilla stakes; “the sooner we’re on the other side of this wedding the better” he grumbles.

Over at the factory excitement mounts about Carla’s hen. “L plates for Carla?” quips Sean “When it comes to fellas she’s got a HGV license”. Jealous Beth would sooner catch leprosy than her bouquet though. As Carla lets them off early to get ready, Sally notes that some need more time than others with Beth retorting that her face resembles an “upturned hotpot”. Hayley arrives with the completed wedding dress which an emotional Carla adores.

Tina, considering Liz’s warning, tells Peter she can’t look after Simon anymore. Why she chooses to do this within earshot of a child who has been through so much is beyond me, especially when it took minimal pleading to get her to agree to stay.

Over at the Rovers, Steve’s “rubbish” college work continues to be the butt of jokes. “You just don’t get it do you?” he snaps at Liz “No, I don’t” she replies, and therein lies the problem; bettering yourself is sneered at on Coronation Street where superiority is found in mocking those who make inevitably doomed attempts at it. As Michelle rings the college to establish the length of his classes, the noose gets ever tighter around Steve’s neck, and their relationship moves further towards that of mother and child.

Speaking of which, Anna blames herself for focusing on her rivalry with Sally rather than what was going on under her own roof, with Faye now cautioned for five years. Anna visits Leanne to make amends, but comes back fuming and ashamed. While Faye has apologised, it’s a relief to hear her say she feels dreadful for Simon. Anna gently tells her they will let everyone know that she’s a good person, one step at a time.

Peter’s stag was set up to be a glib affair, but was the funniest part of the night. The banter between Lloyd and Steve put them on an equal footing which was a relief considering the imbalance of late. As Lloyd downs a pint in 9 seconds, Steve tells him it’d be quicker to let it evaporate. Enthusiastic Kirk is the man you want at the helm. He reminds Peter of the time he married two women. “It was bigamy” Peter tells a confused Lloyd, to which Steve replies, “Big of any man”. He’s on fire tonight, and it only serves to make Michelle’s attitude more detestable. Lloyd didn’t cover himself in glory though when he used Steve’s phone to text college pal Andrea to say he wanted to see her alone. “Little acorns” he tells Steve, thinking he has nudged love in the right direction, but Steve worries what Michelle will do to his little acorns if she finds out. “Jokes are supposed to be funny” says Steve who is both comedian and philosopher tonight, and this would do well to be remembered considering some of the “jokes” he has been subjected to of late.

The stag ends prematurely, for Peter at least, when Rob’s jeers lead to an altercation resulting in Liz throwing him and Tracy out. Tina calms Peter down, but they’re interrupted by Liz at the point where they’re about to kiss. Peter says sorry if he made her feel uncomfortable and, much to her visible frustration, calls it a night.

Carla and Michelle leave her uneventful hen when news of this makes it to the Bistro. On the way home, she makes up with Rob over his past indiscretions, and asks him to give her away. He seems honoured and gives his blessing despite his own feelings about Peter. When Carla arrives home with the news, Peter is furious with her for not consulting him. With Carla’s doubts about Peter’s attitude towards the wedding, and his frustration at her controlling nature, it doesn’t bode well for a long and happy marriage.

For an example of this, we need look no further than Hayley and Roy. While she resorts to well meaning subterfuge to get him to come to the funeral parlour so that she can have a say in the arrangements, she regrets doing so as neither of them were ready. When she returns from Carla’s hen, he gives her a big surprise hug of pure and unconditional love. He agrees that planning is needed now and they consider the options together. The stark reality hits home when preparation of her body is discussed; the body that sits by Roy, full of life and love, and it seems so wrong that two such soulmates should have to plan for a time when they can no longer be together.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Anonymous said...

And of course the men are just panting away over Tina behind the bar. Yes, Peter - go after some orange barmaid instead of being excited about marrying a stunningly beautiful rich woman who is crazy about you. Of course this makes sense. Pair of losers IMO.
I cannot wait for Steve to tell Michelle to bog off out of his life. Man, she is such a drag - remind me again what purpose this character serves?

Newfy Pearl said...

I am thinking much like Rob...Carla deserves better, lol
As for Michelle....why oh why? She is so full of herself! She does not even call Steve out but chooses to play cat and mouse games with him. She likes to give him enough rope to hang himself...then chastise him like a child...feeling smug and superior while doing so. Sad, very sad.
At least Carla is redeemable as factory boss...what has Michelle ever done?

Tvor said...

But here's the t hing, Steve really isn't trying to better himself, he's just trying to skive off. Did Grace also get a caution? I want to know these things.

Emma Hynes said...

I wondered at Grace too Tvor. Perhaps the police will have trouble proving it was her who filmed the incident, although the video will have generated from her phone. Either way I too want to know how things went for her.

Steve is certainly milking the time off he needs for the course, but I think he genuinely is interested in bettering himself as he seems to be doing the homework and is going to the classes, even if they are only 90 mins long as opposed to 4 hours :-)

Michelle and Liz were sneering over it before they learned he wasn't there as long as he claimed to be.

Clinkers (David) said...

Michelle is proving to be quite a grim character of late.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Andrea turns out to become more than a friend to Steve and the reason he dumps miserable Michelle. As a bonus, she could turn out to be the sort of person who would tell Liz to stop being so horrible to her son.

Anonymous said...

I agree re: Steve, Michelle and Liz. I think their banter is great, but I'm not seeing banter anymore. I see two women ganging up on Steve and being quite cruel about it.

Yes, he is using college to dodge being at the pub, but can you blame him with the way he's being treated there?

I love Steve. He never fails to make me laugh!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The impetus for Steve going to college was to help his daughter. Don't many parents feel inadequate when faced with their children's homework? I don't know why Liz didn't get the interest in history. There have been lots of programmes on tv lately: Pompeii, Richard 111 etc. And Steve's new knowledge could lead him and Lloyd organising a pub quiz.

Anonymous said...

What is HGV???

“L plates for Carla?” quips Sean “When it comes to fellas she’s got a HGV license”.

coffey said...

IAM often at the mercy of my crappy, but I love it because it works, phone and I cannot comment unless I come to the Real Computer. Emma, Thank YOU! you are a very fun and informative read! I can see the show when you share! Thank YOU and thank all the writers and that a word? Those that comment :D XooX

Anonymous said...

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