Monday, 18 November 2013

Preview of tonight's double Corrie, Monday 18 Nov

LEANNE’S LOVE FOR NICK IS PUT TO THE TEST Leanne’s hopeful things are getting back to normal as Nick sets off for a meeting with a wine supplier but he returns seeming edgy and Leanne discovers he never made it to the meeting (memory lapse).  When Nick then snaps at Simon, are Leanne’s hope for normality quickly fading?  
BRIAN SACRIFICES JULIE’S DREAM FOR HIS OWN A twitchy Julie is nervous about her meeting with the foster agent but is assured by Eileen that she has nothing to worry about with rock solid Brian by her side. However, unaware to Julie, Brian has an interview for his new job an hour before the foster meeting. Can Brian attend the interview and make it back in time for the foster meeting or will he let Julie down?
ANNA PULLS OUT ALL THE STOPS TO PROTECT FAYE Grace and Faye throw stones at Mary’s motor home and then hide. Suspecting it’s the girls, she sets off in a rage to find Anna.
ELSEWHERE Beth sneaks an amused Sinead’s knickers into her batch.

LEANNE STANDS BY HER MAN BUT IS CLOSE TO THE EDGE Leanne chides Nick for losing his temper with Simon and she’s deeply concerned when he snaps at Gloria. Nick’s confused, clearly unaware of his own mood swings. When Tina tells Peter of Nick’s outburst, how will Peter react?
OBLIVIOUS JULIE IS HEADING FOR HEARTBREAK Having been offered the job in Wales, Brian is now late for the foster meeting and arrives to find a panicked Julie apologising to the agent.  But with Julie singing his praises and the foster agent seeming positive about the process, Brian feels the pressure and takes drastic action. Is Brian really prepared to shatter Julie’s dreams?
DINNER CHEZ WINDASS GIVE FAYE FOOD FOR THOUGHT At dinner, Anna asks Grace and Faye about the incident with Mary. Faye’s nervous, but Grace cooly notes they were at dance pratice. Anna believes them but Izzy’s less convinced. Will Anna be sucked in by Grace’s manipulative ways?
ELSEWHERE With the help of Sinead, Beth’s confident of beating Fiz.

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Ping Pong Poon said...

Oh Brian please take Julie with you, an irritating interfering and exhausted character. Cannot stand any more of her "earnest" looks.

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