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Monday 11 November 2013

Favourite Corrie couples - third poll

Hello all! Now, I hope you voted in the first poll of ten because that is now officially closed. But you have until midnight next Monday (18th November) to vote for two of your favourite couples in the second poll.
So, who's in our third poll?
Bert and Ivy Tilsley (1979-1983) – During the four years that we saw the senior Tilsleys’ marriage on our screens, it was Ivy’s hatred and judgement of daughter in law Gail as a wife, mother and as an Anglican that dominated storylines. Poor Bert had to be a referee between the two women and regularly escaped to the Rovers. Bert was also unemployed for most of his time on screen and this was a constant thread in their marriage. Bert died in 1984.
Alan Bradley and Rita Fairclough (1986-1989) – Poor Rita had no idea of the trauma she’d go through when she fell for foster daughter Jenny’s dad Alan. What began as two lonely middle aged people falling in love ended up with Alan cheating on, lying to, stealing from, manipulating and trying to kill Rita. It was a storyline that gripped the nation in the late 80s and ended with Alan being run by a tram in Blackpool.
Peter Barlow and Leanne Battersby/Barlow (2008-2012) - Their relationship began when Leanne helped struggling father Peter to look after his son Simon. Their colourful pasts leads to a tempestuous relationship with break-ups and reconciliation the norm. Peter’s alcoholism also causes problems. Both are unfaithful to each other: Leanne had an affair with ex Nick and then Peter had an affair with Carla.
Steve McDonald and Karen Phillips/McDonald (2001-2004) – Unlike other married couples, Steve and Karen ended up at the altar thanks to a bet. But by then, they had already fallen in love. But they also had problems: Steve had a one night stand with Tracy Barlow and Karen had an affair with Joe Carter. They reunited and Karen sought a divorce so she could have her dream white wedding. They remarried but the wedding was dampened when Tracy announced that Steve was the father of her daughter Amy! The second marriage was burdened by Karen and Tracy’s feud and Karen suffering a miscarriage. Karen left the street on Christmas Day and the McDonalds divorced in 2006.
Brian Packham and Julie Carp (2010-2013) – Reminiscent of Derek and Mavis, Brian and Julie’s first attempt at a relationship was sabotaged by John Stape when he contacted Brian’s estranged wife. Brian and his wife Margaret reunite but Brian returns in 2011 – his marriage over and wanting to retry with Julie and she happily accepts. In 2012, Julie discovered she was pregnant but she actually has a growth and has to remove her ovaries, dashing her hopes of being a biological mother. Julie has since been interested in fostering but Brian is not so keen. They complement themselves as a couple.
So which two of those five are your favourites? Well vote, vote, vote!

Voting closes on Monday, 25th November.
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Anonymous said...

I loved Steve and Karen

Anonymous said...

Steve and Karen were great together; by far my favourite couple. I was really sorry to see "Karen" go, but to leave on a high note is best.

Joseph said...

Did you have to put Peter/Leanne and Steve/Karen in the same poll? I'm torn!!!

Hannah said...

Joseph you know you can vote for two I voted for Steve and Karen and leanne and Peter

Newfy Pearl said...

I could never get over all of the hateful names that Karen called baby Amy. I was so disgusted that I actually enjoyed Tracy Barlow because she was the only one who would stand up to the screaming selfish banshee.

corrieqooq said...

Hey there Newfie Pearl, if there was a 'like' button I would have used it. You are so right, Karen became a vile character.


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