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Sunday 24 November 2013

Corrie weekly awards for November 18 - 22

Vera Wang she's not award: Hayley. Love. I can't see Carla in that. No.

Windup award: Todd was just messing with their minds over that last biscuit crap.

Silver tongued devil award: Todd: He managed to nick a customer and a cab and keep the cash and he managed to talk them all around.

Puppy dog award: David does look pretty ropey.

Macho Man award: Brian?

Fashion shout: Didn't Julie look nice in red?

Creepy award: It's very weird watching Gail fawn all over Nick, stroking him and batting those eyelashes at him.

Phrase of Doom award goes to Tracy "Girls are more sensible than boys"

Lines of the week:
Tina to Rita "All I do is bring you my latest disaster"
Carla "I've just asked a terminally ill woman with no sense of style to design my wedding dress"
Marcus "There's one thing I've learned about women. They always find out about the truth. I don't know how. But they do!" (too right!)
Peter "I'm the patron saint of drunks and winos"
Gail "How did the lad to cried for his rabbit get to this"
Julie about a beard for Brian "It's just that he's so macho anyway. I worry that facial hair will tip him into the Grizzly Adams territory"
Izzy "We can return to 'Beth the Mini-series' later"
Kirk "Counting was me favourite subject in school" Sally "After what? Colouring?"
Kirk "Beth reckons I'm a good listener" Carla "With her gob I would've thought that would be a prerequisite" (blank look from Kirk"
Carla about Kirk "Heart of gold but the brains of a rocking horse"
Brian "I'm sorry Julie" Julie "It's not your fault" (yes it is)
Nick "I don't have a wife. I have a carer" (but just for now)
Kirk "It's a full time job looking busy"

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with that observation of Gail being creepy with son Nick... yuk... a weird scene that emphasizes her strange obsession with both her sons...

Frosty the Snowman said...

Tough guy award: Peter was about to storm around to Anna’s to defend his son but the offer of an OJ with the ridiculously tanned Tina stopped him in his tracks – what a determined guy!

Ghastly award: Gloria still coming out with her vile comments. Why is this useless old crow still even there?

New Waitress award: Quite why poor Steph had to run around doing all the work while vile Gloria and the idiot that is Gail stood around at the bar am not sure. I quite like Steph so far but is she related to dis-Grace?, they look quite similar.

Predictable award: The dullest dullard in Dullsville Snead of course is a talented seamstress and was awarded a job in t’fektrey on the spot. And she doesn’t even drink. Yawn

Pity award: I know everyone hates FayE but this showing how normally quite decent kids get caught up in bullying others as they are scared of a stronger character or are desperate for friends.

Shut your mouth award: Michele – ugh awful character and Steve would be better off without this arm folding harridan. Quite why Kym Marsh keeps getting her contract renewed is beyond Frosty.

Diane said...

I also love how Todd "gave" Eileen her first installment then talked her into buying his drinks all night. Killed 2 birds with one stone award?

Anonymous said...

Shut up already...Julie banging on about 'adoption' all the time without a thought to Brian. There was a reason he had a vasectomy. He didn't want kids from the get go but Julie is just barging on ahead with it. Pity the writers have decided to turn him into a cold hearted arsehole. He could have been a good addition to the cast what with the other 'know it all' Ken Barlow out of the way for the foreseeable.

abbyk said...

Holes Big Enough To Drive A Truck Through
- Gold: Carla, for not giving Hayley the picture of the dress she fell in love with right up front.
- Silver: Bessie Street Elementary, for allowing anyone to pick a kid up after school. On what planet? Why would a kid Simon's age need to be walked 3 blocks anyway?

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that here in the US we have a club that watches Coronation Street on HULU. About Michel Keegan (Tina) being killed of, we took a vote and the total was out of the 1100 of us 997 to 103 that if she leaves the show we will also. You are already taking of some key people, and if you want to kill someone it should be Tracy Barns.

Anonymous said...

Tracy Barns? Which show are you watching? As if Tina has such a following anywhere and what can anyone on this blog do about their decision to get rid of her?

The.HR.Doctor said...

Predictable award: The dullest dullard in Dullsville Snead of course is a talented seamstress and was awarded a job in t’fektrey on the spot. And she doesn’t even drink. Yawn

Hard to believe indeed. A talented, nice, non-drinking resident of Coronation Street.

Anonymous said...

I thought the decision to leave was Michelle Keegan's? ( a.k.a. "Tina")

Anonymous said...

Michelle K wanted to move on - it was her decision to go. She wants other acting gigs. Tina has run her course. IMO they should have had her run off with Tommeh but decided to turn her into a home-wrecking slut before she gets killed off.

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous is just using this blog as a forum to vent and send feedback to TPTB, as many of us folks and even some snowmen do. It was an interesting and fair comment! I too am dismayed at the thought of murdering this lovely young has a whiff of misogyny. Interesting speculation though that it may be accidental and thus still "murder" but not intentional - implicating Faye and Grace would be a shocking story line. More likely to be Peter drunk driving though - maybe he finds out she is pregnant and falls off the wagon, tries to talk her into having an abortion, something like that....

abbyk said...

Pass the Salt, There's a Complete Lack of Taste Here: Carla, for handing out wedding invitations to 2 workers at the faktry in front of the rest of the gang. That went way beyond single-minded preoccupied bridezilla, which doesn't make sense for Carla in the first place. Hiss!


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