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Wednesday 13 November 2013

An Evening with Marc Baylis

Marc Baylis wowed Coronation Street fans in Halifax at the Westin Hotel last night in a production from the Downeast Streeters Non Profit Society. As always, a top show!

Watch a video clip of the night here and read our exclusive interview with Marc here.

Marc might have been a bit nervous before stepping out on to the stage but he soon relaxed and spent the better part of two hours answering questions prepared by host Dawn Sloane and submitted by fans in the audience. He joked, laughed, charmed and kept the audience of nearly 300 enthralled. In the end, he thanked the fans for their hospitality and support which made his job easier.

He is a very personable man, well spoken, professional, funny, genuine and humble, with none of Rob Donovan's brashness and cockiness. He's also very good looking with a big, wide smile. He chatted about his pre-Corrie days in drama school and work in films and in theatre but the focus was on Coronation Street and his experiences there.

He likes to tell the story of how he'd promised his Nan that he'd do his best to get a part on Coronation Street as it was what she'd love to see him in and he also mentioned that he glibly told his girlfriend on New Year's Day that he would be in Corrie that year. That was the year he made it to the cobbles!

He is thrilled to be working with Alison King, Chris Gascoyne and Kate Ford and all four of them are good friends. He's also great mates with Lisa George (Beth) and meeting and working with David Neilson is another of his dreams come true. There was a lot of joking about him playing Stanley Kowalski (A Streetcar named Desire) some day and using the tag line "STELLAAAAA" in the show. Marc says he just might do that on set, between takes at least.

Marc also said some of his favourite work to date was the storyline over the stolen Silk, when Carla busted him and a lot of their past history was thrown in their faces. He and Ali were really excited to play that and he thinks that if that storyline hadn't happened, Rob might not have developed much further. He is sure there will be more layers to Rob and Carla's relationship yet to be discovered.

I really enjoyed the evening and got to meet Marc up close and personal, both in the autograph signing line and later, with the Downeast Streeters organising committee when we all hung out together, post-show. Full disclosure: I used to be a committee member and still maintain their website and participate in the pings (fan get togethers) regularly. I also have volunteered for every event they've ever put on even when I wasn't on the committee. I have to say all the events were great but this was one of the most enjoyable guests yet.

There are so many more things to tell about, and it's best left up to you to read a full report here.

A full photo album is here.

Marc and host Dawn Sloane
Me and Marc


Watch a video clip of the night here and read our exclusive interview with Marc here.

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Anonymous said...

We sometimes forget the actors are not as despicable as the characters we hate. Katie Ford is vegetarian, for example. Although I have met major stars who were much nastier in person than on screen as well.

Glenda Young said...

Fantastic write up Diane, thank you!

abbyk said...

Now I really wish I had followed my original impulse to take the ferry over. Great post, Tvor! I hope Rob dumps Tracy so we can see more of Marc's talent.

Anonymous said...

Really? His favourite storyline was the stolen silk caper?????

Tvor said...

It had more to do with the final confrontation scenes when Carla busted him and all their past hurts were brought up.


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