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Friday 22 November 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 22 November

Anna continues to be suspicious about the effect Grace is having on Faye, but she defends her “best friend” to the last. When Tracy offers the girls money to mind Eccles and Amy, they invite Simon to come along. Tracy has given the girls the key to Deirdre’s and no sooner are they inside than Grace turns nasty. Herself and Faye proceed to wreck the house, going through Tracy’s clothes and breaking an ornament. While Faye seems uncomfortable, she does whatever Grace tells her. 
Things take a sinister turn when Grace begins to attack Simon. He subsequently arrives in the Bistro very upset in one of Amy’s dresses with bruises on his arm and smeared in make-up. Leanne is devastated, but an unhelpful Gloria tells her “it was hardly assault love.” It’s unwelcome attitudes like hers which make victims afraid to speak up. Luckily Leanne and Peter deal with the issue in the serious and sympathetic manner it deserves.

The scene between Peter and Simon is heart rending. His animal socks and bed time story, his talk of being scared and afraid, and Peter’s gentle reassurance, accurately, sensitively and delicately portray the pain, emotion and effect of bullying on the child and parent alike. It’s a pity Carla only has wedding napkins on her mind, as this only serves to make concerned Tina a more appealing prospect in Peter’s hour of need.

“Speak of the devil” says Anna as Faye arrives home, but Tracy and Leanne are not far behind, and it’s excruciating to see Anna and Izzy attempt to defend Faye. When Faye is summoned and calls Simon a cry baby, rather than attempt a discussion on the matter, Anna throws Leanne and Tracy out. Despite this however, she doesn’t appear convinced at Faye’s innocence as she listens to her blame Simon and absolve Grace completely. If Anna had doubts at all, she had no right to treat Leanne in particular so badly. It's shocking to find there is video evidence of the bullying when Faye gets a text, presumably from Grace.

Katie’s friend Steph lands herself a job in the Bistro with an immediate start, and proves she can cope with a baptism of fire, including a trademark icy put down from Gloria.

Brian intercepts the post and tears up the letter advising them of their withdrawal of his and Julie’s fostering application.

It’s Steve’s first night in college and there continues to be ample opportunity to mock him. Again we are presented with an apparently acceptable mode of bullying while another is condemned outright. His effort at self-improvement is described as skiving, and he’s told by Michelle that he’s way out of his depth. “There’s no shame in wanting to better yourself” he rightly tells Lloyd who simply compares Steve’s brain to a scrunched up ball of paper. Steve hits the nail on the head when he describes Liz and Michelle as “two harpies”, but as he departs with his stationery in hand, there is a momentary reprieve where both ladies appear to feel guilty for their behaviour. Michelle admits to being jealous as she hasn’t the guts to go back to school, and Steve replies “here comes the fat joke”. It thankfully doesn’t follow, and we think, at last, an end to Steve’s abuse at the hands of his loved ones. Not so, however, as he returns to more sneering and laughter at his expense, and in classic school bully style, Lloyd robs his copybook and shows the pub its contents.

Things go from bad to worse for Steve when he finds out Tracy left Amy alone with Faye and Grace, and he insists on his daughter staying at the Rovers. He blames his presence at college for the fact that Amy was left in Tracy’s care, and considers leaving the course. Michelle encourages him not to, but is it too little too late?

It’s underhand over at Underworld as Eva’s egg, spoon and glue race is trumped by the discovery of Beth’s efforts to win Employee of the Month as Kirk opens her handbag in front of everyone to reveal a stash of knickers. At first it’s thought she is stealing, and in an attempt to avoid going from 36Ds to a P45, she drags Sinead to the factory to back up her story. 

The quality of her stitching results in a trial for Sinead who is welcomed into the fold with drinks at the Rovers. Carla says it’s a pity principles don’t run in the family, but what’s principled about Sinead? She was happy to be complicit in Beth’s scam and just as guilty of potentially depriving the real Employee of the Month, and one of her new colleagues, of £100. Sally is officially awarded the title, and while Beth can keep her job, the money comes out of her wages. The worst punishment of all though seems to be that she has upset Kirk who is not in the mood for making up, and Beth fears she has lost him forever.

By Emma Hynes

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diane said...

I'm sick of Michelle running down her man like that. All you see her do is stand behind the bar with arms folded across her fake boobs and sneer at him. I don't understand why all of a sudden, his mother, his bf, and his so called girlfriend are being so cruel to him. I loved the scene with Peter and Simon. So tender, so believable. I will miss Peter so much, not just because he's hot. lol He's a good actor. The actor who portrays Simon, was so good too, that had to be hard to play the victim like that. Why oh why do we lose such competent people like the characters Kirsty, Peter, Tony get written out, and we get left with some of the worst actors? Never grew fond of Michelle, was so sorry when they brought her back, Rob, ugh..Tracey, another ugh. Ok..done venting. Tonights double episode was really good other than the 2 witches bullying Steve.

Llifon said...

Watching Grace mock Blanche made me think that Blanche would've put her in her place.

Good episodes on the whole. The bullying was strong stuff. Next week looks good!

Frosty the Snowman said...

The bullying stuff was quite uncomfortable viewing. And the new waitress Steph being run ragged whilst Gormless Gail and Godawful Gloria stood at the bar drinking coffees was ridiculous. Surprise surprise the dullard Sinead is offered a job on the spot. Who cares?

Humpty Dumpty said...

The stars of the episodes last night were Peter and Simon. Their on-screen chemistry is off the scale and I will really miss Peter when he goes. The way he stroked his son to comfort him was so natural, I wonder if it was something CG did instinctively. I hope he comes back in a couple of years. The children involved in the bullying were quite believable. I'm glad we didn't see the actual pin-down. Even if it's not real, some things are hard to watch.

Anonymous said...

If, (shudders), they are going to keep Tracey in the show, they really need to give her some redeeming quality.

Anonymous said...

Especially enjoyed Tracy barging around - more concerned about her make-up than her child..and good on Liz for calling her out for the rubbish Tracy is.
Good episodes all around IMO. Michelle apologizing to Steve for being a cow - that was rather sweet.
I knew a lot of 'Graces' growing up and it was easy enough to get caught up in their world - especially for someone without a lot of friends, so I can relate to this storyline. I did feel bad for Simon but he is being babied too much - he's supposed to be the same age as the Faye and Grace and they're writing him as if he were a 5 year old.

Tvor said...

Loved the scenes between Peter and Simon also. Carla was being selfish, typical Carla, getting annoyed that Peter wasn't bothered with the wedding plans. I'd say Simon comes first and has had a bad week, between Nick's hollering and the girls' bullying.

Tracy isn't going to have any redeeming qualities. Why break a habit now? Even when she lost the babies, she was more upset because she thought she'd lose Steve.

Newfy Pearl said...

Loved Peter and Simon. Loved Simon interacting with Amy...protective, letting her know not to be afraid of ghosts.
Anna is in for a rude awakening...Owen was right all along...again.
Carla was beyond selfish.
Leanne was trumps....but why did she have to talk to poor Si in the restaurant...don't they have a back room or office at all???
I laughed when Anna had to deal with both Leanne and Tracy! lol
Love Izzy.
Watch out when Tina learns of what happened to her little Curly!
As for Simon being Faye's age...she is being played by a thirteen year old.
Is it just me or does Simon do his best acting, and is most loveable, when he is the underdog!
Finally....Yay Liz! Loved how she took control and gave orders regarding Amy! With Nanny Deirdre gone Liz had to step up...good for you Liz McDonald!
Best episode in a long time. :-)


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