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Sunday 24 November 2013

When Coronation Street continuity goes wrong

Sorry, it's really not nitpick on Corrie week, honestly it's not. And I maybe the only fan in the world who spotted this continuity error on Friday night's Coronation Street, but spot it I did.

When Carla and Peter were talking wedding plans in Roy's Rolls, Carla handed Peter two sheets of paper, one white sheet and one orange coloured sheet.  The coloured sheet was clearly on the top and the white sheet on the bottom.   Here's Carla handing the two sheets to Peter, orange sheet on top and white sheet underneath.

And here's Peter receiving the sheets from Carla in the next camera shot in the same way, orange sheet on top and white sheet underneath.

But then the camera cuts again to them both, without any break in the dialogue and no time for Peter to change the sheets round and what do we see?  White sheet on top and orange sheet on the bottom.  Carla's necklace which was visible in the shots above has disappeared inside her top, too.

I'll get me coat.

If you want to see it in action, the scene is approx 4 mins in at the start of the 7.30pm episode from Friday 22 November 2013.

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Peter @peterradio25 on Twitter said...

This is a good spot that I didn't see, but I am always on the lookout for continuity errors. That they happen doesn't annoy me, but it DOES surprise me. Here are some I've spotted in the past couple of years:

When Roy and Hayley arrived home from their recent trip to Blackpool, they sat in the car for a few minutes. You could CLEARLY see a crew-member's reflection in the car's window.

When Eileen was going through the mill with Paul towards the end of their relationship, the last frame of one episode saw Eileen walking up the stairs at her house. The camera was on the stairs, too, and I noticed Sue Cleaver turn to the side like you would when passing someone on the stairs.

In the scene where Eileen was stuck in the factory railings, Becky and Steve were talking about Tracy, and Becky said "Tracy..." by mistake.

When Cheryl was on the verge of leaving Lloyd, a letter fell off the dining room table, face down. But when he picked it up, it was address-side!

Back to Roy and Hayley in Blackpool, remember the scene of them sitting under a full moon? On my HD TV, you could see the moon and skyline were on tape.

David and Nick's crash. As the lorry hit Nick van, dummies were clearly visible in the van! No, not the actors!

I've noticed a few bad edits where someone is looking one way in the first shot, and then another way a millisecond later.

Like I say, I'm more surprised than annoyed these mistakes are left in. In fact, I'm not annoyed at all. I know how hard it must be to produce five episodes a week.

Digger said...

Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, & 6 in your list are not continuity errors. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

My husband has pointed out continuity errors on Corrie before.
The most obvious and astounding continuity errors I've ever seen were on rival soap EE. Always wondered how they were allowed;they were absolutely glaring.
My husband's a casual watcher of Corrie, and it's like a game to him to spot inconsistencies, while I, a long-time fan, concentrate on Corrie's actors and their abilities,not the background.

Peter @peterradio25 on Twitter said...

I used the term "continuity" to refer to mistakes of any kind. No-one likes a radio or TV smart Alec!

Just one mistake of my own... In the Becky/Steve blooper, Becky said "Becky..." instead of "Tracy..."

Tvor said...

I don't always watch for continuity, but i do sometimes pick up on inconsistencies or little mistakes in the script that a quick phone call or web search would sort out in no time. it doesn't ruin the show for me but it's these little things that annoy me more than upset me.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have noticed that it appears to be night time in one scene and then switches to another storyline which appears to be daylight and they are going on simultaneously. I don't have specific examples. Just something I have noticed in the past.


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