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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Seven characters leaving Coronation Street in 2014

We found out this week that Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus Dent, will be leaving Coronation Street next year.  In a comment left on that blog post, it was pointed out that the departure of Marcus brings the total number of Corrie characters set to depart the Street in 2014 to the grand total of seven.

When you think of it in those terms, it's quite a shock to realise we're going to lose so many of them in the coming months.

Who are those seven who are leaving next year?  Well, six are definites and have been confirmed - and  one is just a tabloid rumour, so far.

But the seven set for the Corrie chop are Peter Barlow (rumoured) and confirmed are Marcus Dent, Stella Price, Gloria Price, Hayley Cropper, Tina McIntyre and Brian Packham.

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Anonymous said...

Not such a big deal for the most part. It's a soap, characters come and go like they do every year. As it is Brian, Stella, and Gloria are almost non-entities, and Marcus has been missing for a good chunk of 2013 anyways.

As for Hayley, that will be the end of an era, she's a Corrie icon for sure. Peter? I guess we'll see, but the actor has taken leave before. And as for Tina, that character has been way overused lately.

I hope some of the characters like Stella and Gloria have quiet exits. They keep promising these explosive departure stories, but I don't want to spend a year just watching stories to write characters out. They should be building up the characters that will be left. And it's time for some fresh faces...Corrie could really used some more hot guys.

Rebecca said...

I think the Peter Barlow rumour might have been started just for us -- I think they want us to think he's involved in Tina's death so they're not rushing out to confirm or deny that rumour just yet.

As for the others, I can't say the numbers are shocking. Many of us, myself included, never did warm to St Ella of the Backroom or her mother so their departures are just good business sense. Tina is young and the actress wanting to try something else is something we've seen over and over again. Marcus hasn't really done much except babysit Liam since he got together with Maria so hardly surprising The actor wants to leave.
The only surprises to me are Hayley and Brian. Well, Hayley is more of a bummer than a surprise. Brian is a surprise. I think the street needs more quirky characters who hold down decent jobs like him.

Pickledjo said...

I'll miss Brian. I love him and Julie together. A perfect pair of oddballs.

They're gonna kill Tina off??

I agree with the hot guys thing. But look what happened last time they tried. Rob, Ryan and TOmmy... :/ I prefer Lloyd and Steve personally.

Hannah said...

Sorry to disappoint but brien is leaving in 2013 not 2014 It will be sad to see hayley gloria stella tina and even Marcus and Peter going to be such a sad year on corrie next year

jonathanlouis said...

im gutted that michelle keegan is leaving she was my favourite but now she is being murdered its not good news for me im so dissapointed in her that she wants to do a murder scene that she is involved in why put yourself in that michelle just because you want the viewers to get a good gripping cliffhanger scene i wont be watching it because you could have done a lot better than that

Tvor said...

Latest spin in the media is Marcus having an "explosive" exit. Maybe *he* kills Tina!!!! ;)))

Newfy Pearl said...

Carla and Michelle think they are strong women. Carla is too busy spending her own money on the wedding of her dreams - despite this being her third and Peter's fourth. She does not see how she has driven Peter to feel 'manly' by going after a girl half his age.
Also if Steve spoke to Michelle the way she does to him it would be considered abuse.
These two characters annoy me....I say characters because basically it is the writers who will not allow a woman to be strong on this show lately. Can anyone truly say there is a strong woman to be seen on the street?

Anonymous said...

The cast seems to be insanely large now, considering how many folk rarely appear on our screens, I wouldn't be surprised if more left during 2014. Hayley is leaving because her actress chose to move on and really, what could she have expected in terms of interesting storylines (new, innovative)? It wouldn't surprise me if Chris leaves because he's tired of Peter's same-old-same-old storylines and wants a change. The other characters have certainly gone past their sell-by dates, as nothing interesting has happened with them, either, and I really enjoyed Marcus while they were actually giving him something to do. It's good to shake up the cast, especially when there appears to be so many un/underused.

njblas said...

Strictly speaking, only Brian has 'got the chop' - all the others are leaving of their own volition, or at least, that's how it's been reported. The cast is way too big, so I hope they don't replace those who are leaving. Just give more screen time to the underused characters for a change.

Anonymous said...

The fate of Bill Roache is unknown so it go up to eight. Add Mandy, Tommy and Ryan to the mix and Mr. Blackburn will have waved bye to at least 11 within his first year. How about Tracy to make it an even dozen Stuart?

John McE said...

It might seem a lot, but in these days where exits are announced over a year in advance, it won't be nearly as bad as it seems.

Don't suppose you could up the count to eight, and have Dev go as well?

Anonymous said...

and if we add the 2 unspeakables, Tommy and Let's not forget good ol' doctor what's his name.... oh yeah, Dr. Carter that makes 9.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised more characters don't jump ship out of desperation. The Writers and producers are not using them to the best of their ability. They have talented people and give them good parts at first then let them sort of hang around. Sally has a "Tim" storyline, pityful, Rob gets stuck taking a back seat to Tracy's foolishness, Gail has had many jobs, now is running around minding her grown sons, Stella is tending bar, when she sold hers and should be starting a new life away from the bad life, Liz is back behind the bar, running it and her 40+ old son's life and he is glad to have her do it.As for who to get rid of Mary and Steve. Bring back Gail's daughter as a smart talented business woman and one who is not working at the factory. It's corronation street but even others had jobs at Fresco's or the town council.

Anonymous said...

IMO, the only two that will be missed are Hailey and Brian. I agree, dump that bloody Tracy, pullllease.

Anonymous said...

Please please please add Michelle to this list. She is a dull, condescending, bossy, boring character.

Many hate Tracey, but at least she is entertaining

Good riddance Stella. Know it all nosy cougar

Ethel said...

It is time to say goodbye to Carla and Michelle. They are just there. They are not entertaining even when they have a storyline. Brng back Janice. I miss her.


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