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Saturday 9 November 2013

Corrie weekly update - Hairy Mary, odd Todd

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This week on Corrie saw the return of the Todd. Toddkins, Toddly-oddly. The Toddler. Toddmeister Grimshaw has returned. He’s Eileen’s golden boy and the bane of Gail’s life.  But is Eileen pleased to see him? No, she is not. Todd’s fella Alex reaches Eileen first, looking for Todd and his £500 Todd’s trousered.  So when Todd turns up saying he’s still madly in love and living with Jules, Eileen knows straight off he’s lying and so it turns out.  The Todd who went to London isn’t the same Todd who’s returned. He’s nasty Todd now, a liar and a user.

That London has a lot to answer for.

Gary and Owen help Roy out of another fine decorating mess
Hayley returns home from hospital just as Roy finishes off decorating their bedroom with the most hideous wallpaper Hayley’s ever seen. Things are strained enough between them, with Roy unable to accept Hayley wants to end her own life and Hayley unable to accept that Roy can’t see things her way.

“I want to die as Hayley!” she says, terrified of losing her mind as she nears the end to revert to thinking she’s Harold again. “I’ve been there, done that, worn the Y-fronts!” she yells at Roy, who’s still unable to cope.

Faye’s friend Grace steps up her evil campaign. First, she gets Faye to manipulate Tim so that Sally has the girls to tea. Sally pops to the shops and while she’s out, Grace rings Tim using Faye’s phone and has Faye pretend that someone’s trying to break into Sally’s house while they’re home alone. None of it is true, but Tim rushes back and when Sally comes home she gets a ticking-off from Tim. 

Then Grace gives Faye rocks to fire at Mary’s motorhome before spraying ‘Hairy Mary’ on a window. Mary’s more upset than you’d think – turns out she was bullied at school and has never quite got over the hirsute Mary moniker. Owen knows that Faye, at Grace’s bidding, is behind the bullying but Anna won’t hear a bad word said. For now, anyway.

Over at The Rovers, Michelle’s back from Ireland, Daddy-free. Steve helps Amy with her school project for Armistice Day but when he gets his world wars mixed up, decides to enroll at college to study European History. Oh, don’t Steve, don’t. You should know by now that any attempt at self-improvement on Corrie only leads to disaster, or worse.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it appears that Amy is beginning to be just as rude and disrespectful to her father as his girlfriend and mother are.

Anonymous said...

If Michelle's Dad has already returned to Ireland, what exactly was the point of that silly storyline?!

Anonymous said...

Rita and the yobs in the park...Owen stealing that guys bike for money owed...the damp story that forced Audrey to move in with Maria and Marcus. All very random and kind of pointless. Barry's brief return seems par for the course nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Amy has picked the worst traits from her mother her rudeness. Seeing her on the screen she looked like a smaller version of Faye. Think it's time Izzy came back into the fold Miss Faye's friend Grace only by name not nature needs putting on a bus and sent away, what a terrible child poor Mary didn't deserve the attack. The show is turning so negative almost too embarrassing to watch - is there a compulsary change of character that happens to cast who go away for a while and come back? Liz at least has worn a few items of clothing more suited her age it is nice to see colour once more behind the Rovers bar counters after the dull beige trio. Todd is a disappointment although the one time he did visit he was a little snobby or snotty as one of the girls I work with described him. Poor Eileen she needs one child that she can be proud of and hold her head high...


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