Friday, 15 November 2013

Fab Photo Friday - November 15th 2013

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Here are some classic characters from the 1960s: Annie & Jack Walker along with Nellie Harvey, played by Mollie Sugden.

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John McE said...

All those wonderful episodes with Annie and Nelly sit in the vaults gathering dust.

What was the point of meticulously storing them for all these years, when the only way they are ever used is in 2 second sound bites on clip shows?

Coronation Street is the most consistently popular programme on British television over the past 50 years, yet is one of the very few whose early episodes remain unavailable to watch.

Why, oh why, can't ITV figure out a way to let people see them, even if it's via pay per view?

Anonymous said...

We need characters like Annie and Jack Walker in the pub, not the awful moany nasty Michelle who must cross her arms all the time and treat Steve like a pet dog and humiliate him.

Anonymous said...

Had almost forgotten her.
Would be so interesting to have a poll as to who of the current characters would be instantly forgotten if they left and those who viewers think there's long term hope for.

Anonymous said...

John, I had the privilege of viewing the first 3/4 seasons of Corrie a few years ago. I borrowed the DVD's from my local library and enjoyed them immensely for free! Hopefully you can do the same!

John McE said...

Really? But they haven't been released, have they?

The Network sets have selected episodes from each year, but not the continuous run (and Granada Plus showed the first 15 (?) episodes one Christmas many years ago.

Could you confirm that you were able to watch every episode from the first 3/4 "seasons".

Your use of the word "seasons" suggests you live outside the UK, so I sure lots of us would be interested in more details.

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