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Tuesday 12 November 2013

Coronation Street Blog EXCLUSIVE: Marc Baylis interview

Cross posted from our sister Canadian Bluenose Coronation Street Blog, with permission, and written by our blogger Diane (tvor) in Canada.

Watch a video clip of Marc at the event here and read the full write up of Marc's visit here.

Tonight in Halifax, Canada the Downeast Streeters are welcoming actor Marc Baylis for An Evening With...

Marc plays Carla Connor's brother Rob Donovan who's been creating havoc on the cobbles pretty much since his arrival. He's currently keeping company with Tracy Barlow and running a business with her. He and Carla are on the outs but that will probably change.

I was able to interview Marc via the chair of the Downeast Streeters Non-Profit Society (Thanks, Connie!) and I must say, it makes me look forward even more to seeing him tonight and hearing all he has to say. With no further ado, here's the interview:

Hi Marc, I am a contributing editor for the very popular Coronation Street Blog and its sister blog, the Bluenose Corrie Blog. I live here in Canada.  The fans in Halifax are very excited to see you when you are here in November. I understand you have some family here? Presumably you've visited before. What do you think of Canada and in particular, Canadian winters?

I've only been over in the summer before whilst seeing my family and absolutely fell in love with the country. The main thing I found was how friendly everyone is. I've not braved a winter as yet but believe me... I've brought my thermals!

Do you read the Coronation Street Blog and social media fan sites?

I have read the Coronation Street Blog and especially when I was preparing to start filming on the street. With the show's rich and lengthy history it was impossible for me to know EVERYTHING so I used as many resources as possible for research. It came in very handy to say the least. With regards to social media, I tend to stay away as no matter how many positive comments you may have with regards to the performance there will always be some negatives. It's the nature of being in such a popular show. The negatives can unfortunately be the comments that can stick in actors' minds and therefore throw you off the job in hand. And if we don't concentrate on the job in hand then there will be less positive comments... Vicious circle. Ha ha!

I've enjoyed your portrayal of Rob Donovan and find the dynamic between Rob and his sister, Carla very interesting. There's a lot of history there and we've already seen some of the sibling rivalry, the hurt, the regret, the resentment and the underlying caring. Is the show going to pursue that some more?

Its great to hear that you find the dynamics interesting. Alison and I are having a lot of fun playing them and without a doubt there is still a lot more to be revealed and unravelled when it comes to their history. This will be discovered from particular circumstances that arise over the coming months where we get to see them being closer than since the 'Silk' situation.

Rob seems to be in much the same position as Tracy's ex, Charlie Stubbs, who also could recognise Tracy for who and what she is but who was also one to avoid committment and step-parenthood. Rob is much nicer than Charlie, of course, but if he doesn't want that committment, do you think he could fear for his own life as well?

I think that Rob's arrogance steers him away from being fearful of history repeating itself. Also, there is a lot of trust in the relationship stemming from them both feeling at times in their lives as outsiders, or, in prison term 'Insiders'. Forgive the pun! This has helped to create a  natural bond which enhances their love of fun and danger in life which can be troublesome for the other residents of the street.

Changing the subject away from the show... when you were first finding your feet as an actor, was there someone who mentored you or inspired you?

I have been fortunate to have a few mentors at crucial stages through my life who I can't thank enough for their investment in my aspirations. I think that no matter who we are, or where we come from, we all need support and encouragement. There are a lot of fine actors out there that inspire me. The dream I guess is to work with them.

Actors find it difficult to get that first break. What was yours and do you have any advice for people trying to get into the business?

One reason that we find it so difficult to find that first break is that there are so many actors and so few opportunities. From a personal perspective I have always looked on every job as an achievement and a break. From a viewer's or public point of view then Coronation Street is without a doubt my  first break. However, without any of my previous work I may not have even landed the role of Rob. Thankfully... I did. So I guess my advice for any budding actors would be that if you work hard and be professional then more opportunities will come your way and then it's up to you to take them. Oh.. Also, please, have a sense of humour!

Thanks very much for taking the time to answer my questions! I'll be posting the interview on both the Coronation Street Blog and the Canadian timeline sister site, the Bluenose Corrie Blog, most likely the day of your appearance here in Halifax! I will be there and look forward to meeting you in person! 

Watch a video clip of Marc at the event here and read the full write up of Marc's visit here

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Anonymous said...

Love the interview. Glad to know that Rob and Carla's history is being explored more and hopefully Rob will support Carla throughout the Peter/Tina affair.

Zagg said...

I liked him in the beginning and thought his character had a lot of potential, bringing some back story about Carla and their childhood etc...could have been really interesting. But of course the writers simply do not know what to do with him.
I do not like the Rob/Tracy pairing. The Tracy character is now so beyond despicable, that she is barely tolerable on screen. NO ONE could be that crappy and vicious to neighbors in a community and still be given the time of day. I don't care who's daughter or mother she is, people would shun her or knock her teeth out. It's just stupid now. And by pairing Rob with her, he in my eyes is guilty by association. Her character is a sociopath. His character is not. Yeah yeah, they have the whole prison bonding thing, but it has made him look very stupid and unappealing. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Zagg, very well said! I feel exactly the same way. In real life no one in the neighbourhood would give her the time of day and would certainly not shop in her store! She is vile, rude, and is a terrible mother. I cannot stand the character whatsoever. I don't understand why on earth she was brought back! She isn't even a good actress. I would like to knock her teeth out! Liz should bar her from the Rovers because everytime she comes in all she does is insult Tina,

Humpty Dumpty said...

The writers think we get a kick out of hating Tracy and love to shout at her on screen. QED she must be a marvellous character played by a fab actress. Nope. She's a boring, repetitive character whose 2D personality fits panto and children's tv. The only purpose Tracy storylines serve is the same as with acrobats in the old variety shows. Make the tea and take a pee. I'm fed up with a very few posters who say 'you're *supposed* to hate her, that's the whole point.' Well, if the whole point is that I ignore her and go and do something else, the writers have succeeded.


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