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Thursday 28 November 2013

Coronation Street official website gets a make-over

The official Coronation Street website at has had a make-over and the new version is now live.  Have a look at it and see what you think.

There are new character pages, and for the first time ever, you can view all of the official, exclusive content from your tablets and mobiles - does it work for overseas fans? Let us know.

Anyway, speaking of the official website and this'll tell you how old I am - I can remember the very first version of the official Coronation Street website which appeared sone time after I first got online with a modem and a piece of string back in 1993.  The website back then was run by Granada Media Group or something similar and it used to draw the whole Street line by line every time you logged on to it.  It looked lovely, but it took forever.

Since then, the official site has changed, grown and changed some more.  I've even had the privilege of working on the official site a few years ago at ITV and as a freelancer too.

And today, in preparation for the new Corrie set to be unveiled to the press tomorrow, the website takes on another new look. 

Check it out at

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Tvor said...

They're using the same look and feel as everyone else is these days so i guess that means it looks up to date. I tried putting a British Postcode in the box before looking at a video but the video stayed black so that didn't work as per usual.

Wim said...

I guess it's probably good... but I fail to see why they're so eager to block the content for non-UK fans.

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to watch a video on an English site and my friend in England can't watch videos on a Canadian site. Doesn't this have something to do with the format of the video?

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of all the bells and whistles web sites use today. It makes it almost like those old days of slow dial-up. In reality, of course, it's much faster than that, but it's still a slow drag when all you want to do is just bloody read the content.

Llifon said...

Although I'm happy that the character profiles have been finally updated with new pics, I'm disappointed with the videos. I would've liked to have more of a montage of the characters' best bits, instead of just the first appearance.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine they block non-UK viewers from the vids because of licensing. Here in Aus Corrie is on a Foxtel (like Sky) channel, UKTV, which weirdly is a BBC channel (they show quite a lot of other ITV stuff too) and I would think they pay a lot for the exclusive rights. There is a free-to-air channel which shows old episodes but I was flicking through the other day and Frankie Baldwin was on, it's that old.

Trying to convince my husband to keep Foxtel at the moment - $90 per month including the packs which include UKTV and BBC Knowledge (docos) as well as sport - he's prepared to give up Welsh rugby, not sure I can give up Corrie & Enders!

Slightly related but up til the last Olympics it was frustrating trying to watch any events which featured British athletes but no Australians. The channel that used to have the rights here would only show events featuring Australians and if you went to the BBC website to watch you just got a message saying it was not viewable in this country. Licensing again. Luckily the rights went to a different channel last for last year and they gave us more.

abbyk said...

I get it with the licensing if they're talking about full episodes, but with previews, unaired specials, and the like, it doesn't make sense. You'd think ITV the production company would want to engage fans wherever Corrie airs, even if ITV the network had to restrict things like ITV Player that are paid for by UK taxes or whatever. Grrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Perhaps something to do with being a month or two behind here so 'previews' could end up being spoilers. Not that I'd mind, what with reading this site!


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