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Saturday 30 November 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update - with a jar full of little acorns

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Faye’s carted off to the cop shop this week and has no choice but to grass up Grace.  It isn’t easy for Faye and I think the young actress who plays her is doing a fantastic job. 

If you’ve ever been bullied, you’ll know Faye’s reactions are spot on. She wants to do the right thing, but she’s scared that if she defies Grace or worse, dobs her in, then the bullying Grace meted out to little Simon will be nothing in comparison to what may come Faye’s way.  But Faye finds the strength to tell the cops the truth and reports Grace for the attack on Simon.  Anna’s proud of her for doing the right thing but Faye’s frightened now of what might happen with Grace.

Hayley has her first chemotherapy session this week. It makes her decisive and she drags Roy to visit a funeral director where she wants to start planning her funeral.  Roy’s not happy to be taken along without knowing what Hayley was doing and it’s so sad to see the Cropper’s bickering, but totally understandable too. Roy comes round to Hayley’s way of thinking and they start researching humanist funerals online.   In between choosing caskets, Hayley puts the finishing touches to Carla’s wedding dress and takes it into the factory for Mrs C, who is Mrs B to be.  “Do you like it?” asks Hayley. “No, I don’t like it,” Carla replies. “I don’t like it one bit. I love it!”

Over at the Rovers, Liz warns Tina that she’s playing with fire when she’s flirting with Peter and catches them just about to kiss each other in the romantic environs of the men’s loos.  Liz tut-tuts over Tina as Peter celebrates his stag night with the lads in the pub. Kirk asks Peter: “Weren’t you married to two women at the same time?” and Peter replies “It was bigamy”. Steve doesn’t miss a beat. “It’s big of any fella to be wed to two birds at the same time!”.

And finally this week, Steve’s loving his college course in history but spends all his time talking about his new class mate called Andrea.  It’s Andrea this and Andrea that, and when he gets a text from her in the pub, Lloyd sends a saucy reply while Steve’s not looking.

Steve isn’t best pleased and Michelle won’t be either, when she finds out.   “From little acorns….” says Lloyd, joking to Steve about his growing friendship with Andrea.  “Michelle’ll have my little acorns in a jar if she finds out!” he replies.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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abbyk said...

I found it odd that after chemo, Hayley was exactly as before, no nausea or discomfort, not even tired from all the schlepping about. The special relations with Carla (I adore it!), Ruby and Hope (remembered for a trust fund), and even Roy for finding the ever so in character eco-friendly cardboard coffin kept it in balance.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I hope the bullying doesn't just end and get forgotten. Having worked with bullied kids in school, I know they often don't return to the same school or the parents go for home schooling. There will be a local Education Welfare Service who support families in cases like this. Unfortunately, in soapland, all is forgotten in a couple of weeks so I suppose Faye will go back to school urged by Anna to rise above the snidy comments.

abbyk said...

Forget about something? On Corrie??? Let's see: David's epilepsy, the Windass clan's part in Joe McIntyre's downward spiral, Ted, Nick's miraculous no therapy needed recovery, Mary holding Norris hostage,... Yes, it would be more realistic and make a better story if this incident haunted Faye, Simon and their parents for a long time. Will that happen? I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the sudden end to the Audrey/Maria/Marcus flat-mate scenario that was supposed to be cute and funny with those 3 getting up to all sorts of frivolity. If fell flat and that was that? What happened to Audrey's house? Is it all fixed up now? I guess so because she and David are living there without so much of a mention of Owen, who looks rather sickly these days IMO.

Anonymous said...

And now that Craig's been cleared he's fallen off the face of the earth. Doesn't he go to the same school as the 2 junior witches?


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