Sunday, 10 November 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards for Nov. 4 - 8

One Up award: Gail and Eileen bragging up their respective children in the cafe.

Pants on Fire award: Todd really did prove himself to be a world class liar.

Back in the saddle award: Kylie got her job back, albeit because of a crisis. Where was Stella? Why did Gloria call her instead of Kylie?

Best Defence is a good Offence: Todd is blaming Eileen for his lies because he's not the Golden Boy she wants him to be. Sounds like an excuse to me.

Cat out of the bag award: Roy has admitted to Anna about Hayley's plans.

Apt comparison: Owen compared Grace to a young Tracy Barlow.

Bully award: Faye should know better. She's been bullied before and Grace is nearly as bad, manipulating her.

Educational sponge: Steve does have a few more clues about history than his mother, girlfriend and mate but is going to go back to school anyway. Good on him.

Reality check: Jane's death has really thrown Hayley and I think she's as scared as she is angry.

Stupidity, thy name is .... Anna.

Fashion moan: Could Kylie's earrings get any bigger?

Lines of the week:
Gail "I do have an amusing turn of phrase when I put me mind to it"
Sally "Some of the dance moves are a bit suggestive. I'm not sure you're ready for male buttocks"
Todd about Eva "I guess I can't compete with a blow up doll"
Gloria "You don't get this old by being daft"
Steve "I'm not a total numpty you know"
Steve "Is it all right if I leave the room before you start slagging me off?
Hayley to Roy "You don't have to paper over the cracks"
Sean to Todd "Don't let it change who you are" (too late)
Steve "I answer to no man" Michelle "STEVE!" Steve "Yes, dear"
Roy "If it's not one of a pair, what use is it?" (*gulp*)
Lloyd "The world of academia's loss is the pub's gain"
Mary "My haven on wheels often engenders envy in adults shackled to bricks and mortar"
Lloyd "Normal apathy will be resumed"
Hayley "If you love someone, set them free. You can even get it on fridge magnets"
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Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for lions to jump through those hoops on Kylie's ears! Does Michelle actually remember how to do anything outside of standing about with her arms crossed, looking miserable, and yelling at Steve?

Anonymous said...

Breath of fresh air...Kylie is back at the Bistro - anything's better than the morbid trio - Leanne, Stella and Gloria - although I do like Gloria - she's softened a bit. They've given her back stabbing one liners to Liz.

Hannah said...

Mention of the week: Eillen and Gail talking about sarah lousie and todd

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