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Saturday 9 November 2013

Poor old Steve

I'm all for strong female characters in Coronation Street, but exactly what were Liz and Michelle on last night? I don't know, but their treatment of Steve got right on my nerves.

I know Steve is often portrayed as a buffoon, but he is an extremely likeable character and I love seeing him back behind the bar at the Rovers. Liz I can tolerate, Michelle less so. Really though, was all that necessary last night? Steve was only trying his best to be a good dad to Amy (remember her? Yes, she even had dialogue last night!)

 I'm all for a bit of micky taking when a Corrie character gets a bit pompous, but I think Steve's decision to enrol at the local college was a brave one.

Michelle really has become a very annoying character, quite obviously thinking herself a cut above. She lords it over Steve in the Rovers, even though of course, the Rovers isn't really good enough for her. She's ungrateful, domineering and treats Steve like a doormat and a daft little boy. Now Baby Jane is back and the pair are turning into a rather overwhelming, gruesome twosome. It wouldn't hurt for either of them to be a bit more supportive to poor old Steve.

I'll stop moaning now. After all, having Liz and Michelle back behind the Rovers bar is still a hundred times better than what we've just seen the back of. I just hope future Rovers storylines balance out a bit to show that both Liz and Michelle are capable of a few personality flaws.

So do you think the powers that be have made improvements at the Rovers? Every time I catch a glimpse of the wonderful Betty on the wall of the pub, I can't help but think we'll never see her like again.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree that Steve came in for a lot of unnecessary teasing. Wouldn't mind betting that Barry comes back from Ireland, having failed to patch it up with his wife -otherwise, why did we see him at all? The set-up will be Steve and Barry supporting each other against the harridans Liz and Michelle. Agree, still better than the Price management team, and better than the old Liz v. Michelle stories. Could be some good comedy there with Barry as a Jack Duckworth character. Thinking about it, Stan and Eddie were great together. Might work for Barry and Steve.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Have to agree - the two witches of Weatherfield cackling rather spitefully I thought at Steve's expense went beyond "banter" yesterday. The cheek of Michelle complaining that Steve had chosen to help his daughter on a school project rather than listen to her boring nonsense about her parents marraige! This shrew beggars belef and please not the tacky Irishman back again, he brings nothing to the show! And Liz really is turning into Baby Jane and rather creepily has one eye that wont close properly when she laughs which makes her actually quite frightening looking.

Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind poor Mary was being bullied so obviously I thought it was clever of the writers to show that grown women can be just as bad as little girls last night- Micky

Anonymous said...

I know Coronation Street has had its ups and downs lately, but I really can't remember a scene I hated as much as that one, with Michelle and Liz belittling Steve for wanting to take a course. It was, perhaps, less surprising to see Michelle acting that way, given the open ongoing contempt she shows towards Steve. But I have been really disappointed in the way Liz has treated him since her return. She used to show more loyalty towards her sons, now she seems to dislike Steve as much as Michelle does.

Watching that scene also made me think that it is no wonder so few young people on the street try to better themselves if that is the kind of attitude they are likely to encounter when they try.

Anonymous said...

Agree..even Lloyd - his supposed best mate got in on the action too. It really was childish. Mic I'm thinking this is the beginning of the storyline that has Steve's falling out of love with her because she is just so demeaning and a right cow almost 100% of the time to him. I think he'll meet up with a genuinely nice woman at the college and it will spell the end of Steve and the snob. Liz I was puzzled with though. Have they given Gloria's lines to her? Why is she so nasty to her son?

Anonymous said...

Completely agree. It is to be hoped Steve finds a better suited 'love interest' whilst expanding his mind, dumps Michelle who then hot foots it back to Ireland, never to be seen again.

Anonymous said...

YEs, last night's episode was a bit much to say the least. I was disappointed when Michelle returned to the cobbles, and after last night, I'd love to see Steve meet someone at the College too. I was happy upon learned that Liz would be returning and replacing St Ella, but disappointed with her role so far. She has come back an aging, unpleasant woman, and it would be nice to see her and Michelle pal up and leave the street together with their new found love for each Lots of tension last night with the Rover's gang, and Roy and Haley.

Anonymous said...

Last night's episodes were appalling. Steve is bright enough to run two businesses successfully so I'm sure an hour and half of history wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Michelle is a pointless character who can just shuttle successfully between the Rovers and the Factory without any discernible skills.

Even worse was Todd's job search. He's meant to have a degree so why would he be so stupid as to seek a job at the Bistro? There is something very unsavoury about producers and writers, who are surely university educated, depicting working class people as placing no value on education.

Anonymous said...

I was glad for the comic relief from Steve, Lloyd, Liz and Michelle. Even though they took the mickey out of Steve at least it was funny and lighthearted. That is what the show needs more right now. The whole Roy/Haley fight, the Platt fight, the nasty Grace/Faye plot - miserable - it's almost getting as bad as East Enders with everybody mad at everybody else. Is that what SB hopes to create?? If it is then I'll be tuning out - for sure!!!

Mary said...

I can't stand Michelle and what the heck is Liz doing acting that way towards her son. There is no love there is there. I think CS needs some new writers.

Anonymous said...

I agree .

ChiaGwen said...

Cringe-worthy spectacle of useless Michelle and the bargain-basement clothed Liz berating Steve that seemed to go on forever with forced guffawing from Michelle. Even though I'm glad the Price clan have been replaced by Liz she seems to have come back with too much hair and an even bigger bad attitude towards Steve. Otherwise good episode ruined by these two wise-asses.

Beth said...

Could never understand why Steve and Michelle are together. Zero chemistry between them and the way Michelle speaks to Steve you'd think they'd been married for years and he feels there's no way out and only puts up with her. Odd when the writers haven't long put them back together.

It's a bit like groundhog day really. Corrie could do a Dallas, give Steve a Bobbie Ewing moment and tell Michelle that the last few years were a dream when the Becky/ Tracy/ relationships didn't happen. Liz didn't go to Spain and the Price's didn't take over the pub.

Whilst I love Steve back at the pub Corrie really does need new writers


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