Saturday, 9 November 2013

Coronation Street tribute to Movember

Moustache season is alive and well and it started on November 1st with the launch of Movember.  It's a fun initiative set up to promote a serious issue, raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancers. You can check out the Movember website here.

Well, this has got us thinking about Coronation Street men with moustaches of mention... as if we needed an excuse to blog Kevin Webster's tash again!

And now the lovely people over at Conversation Street, who do the fab Corrie podcasts, have given us permission to post their fab Movember Coronation Street pictures. We think they're fantashtic!   Give them a follow on twitter at @ConversationStr

Here's Demon David with his dastardly tash

Dev's looks a bit droopy

Gary's ginger tash makes him look a bit menacing

 While Norris' tash makes him look like Hercule Poirot

Peter Barlow looks like he's wearing some of Carla

 While Roy looks as dapper as ever with his tash

Sean's is camptastic

 Steve's tash makes him look a bit French, n'est pas?

 While this is purely evil, tash or no tash

 And Tyrone's tash lends him a dashing air

 With thanks to Conversation Street!

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Anonymous said...

That tashe actually suits Sean!

70sStreetFan said...

I rather like Gary's!

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