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Monday, 4 November 2013

Totally Todd James Grimshaw

With thanks to Corriepedia and, on the announcement that Todd Grimshaw is set to return to Coronation Street tonight, here we go with a look back at the life and times of Todd James Grimshaw.

Todd first appeared on Corrie in January 2001 when he moved with his mum Eileen and older brother Jason to the Street.  His plan to take A-Levels was thwarted by his romance with young mum Sarah Platt, who had a daughter, Bethany. Eileen never forgave Sarah for ruining her Todd's life.

Sarah fell pregnant with Todd's baby, and they planned on getting married, but Todd began to question his sexuality.

He had feelings for Sarah's older brother Nick, and tried to kiss him. Nick told Sarah, but Todd managed to make up an excuse that it was just a drunken moment.

Then Todd began to have feelings for gay nurse Karl Foster, and they embarked in a relationship and slept with each other in Sarah's bed. Karl later left him when Todd refused to break up with Sarah.

Todd later confesses to Sarah about his sexuality, which causes her to go into premature labour. She gave birth to their son, Billy, but he later died in hospital.  Todd turned up for the funeral although didn't want Sarah to know he was there and hid behind a gravestone.

After being offered a place at Oxford University, Todd left Coronation Street.

Todd returned to the Street to visit a couple of times - in 2007 for his brother Jason's wedding to Sarah as best man...

... and again in 2011 with his rich (and annoying) boyfriend Jules where Todd became embarrassed by the Street he once lived on.  He made up to Eileen for his behaviour and went back to that London with Jules, where he's been ever since.

And now, he's coming back again... could be interesting!

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Defrost Indoors said...

He's a bright kid who was working as a law clerk, last we heard, so of course he's going to wind up driving cab or working in the kebab shop. sigh

Digger said...

Todd's opportunities for gainful employment are FAR wider than that! Pulling pints at the Rovers; helping out behind the counter at Dev's; or maybe he'll discover some heretofore unmentioned aptitude for building work brought on by boredom with endless hours of law clerking, and start working with his brother.

Anonymous said...

Word is that his return brings heartache to Eileen. Perhaps that means he will join Paul on the fire brigade?

Janice. said...

It turns out Todd learned how to stitch knickers while he was at Oxford. Carla immediately snaps him up to join the girls. Unable to take the flack from the girls, Todd quits, only to be offered a job at the Bistro cleaning toilets with Gail and Stale-la.

Anonymous said...

He will come back and open Cash Converters?

Anonymous said...

He's seen the vast opportunities that the Street offers with regard to clientele and is opening Terry Duckworths lap dancing club as a gay bar.

Anonymous said...

Or he could find happiness behind the grill at Roy's Rolls...after all, what customer doesn't leave with a smile after scarfing down a nice, big Full English and decent coffee at the best diner in the world?

Anonymous said...

Night shift at Barlow's Buys!

Ping Pong Poo said...

It will be discovered that he like everyone in the Street has a secret talent for SEWING. He will be behind a machine and doing the cake run before you can say AMBITION.

I think he ends up behind the bar at the Bistro though where they seem to have more staff than customers.

abbyk said...

There's an opening at the garage. Wouldn't Eileen be pleased to see Todd as an apprentice mechanic?


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