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Saturday 30 November 2013

Kevin Webster's return storyline revealed

The Manchester Evening News says that Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed storylines are currently being written to mark the return of actor Michael Le Vell to his role as Kevin Webster.

Kevin was last seen on screen in February, and he's supposed to be in Germany looking after his dad Bill, who's sick.

Stuart says: “At the point when Kevin was forced to leave for Germany, he was actually looking to get back together with Sally. So when he returns, it’s to a very different world in Coronation Street. He comes back to find Sally’s relationship with Tim, while his daughter Sophie’s world will have changed as well, and in Sally’s eyes, not necessarily for the better.

"We’re just delighted to have Michael back with us, and we’re hoping he’ll be back on screen in March/April.”

So, it looks like Kevin's going to have to fight for Sally with Tim and I wonder how much of a fight Tim will put up and how willing Sally will be to get back with Kev.  Could be interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Since this Keven/Sally/Tim scenario is something that many fans have already guessed at, "interesting" it could only be with creative writing and delivery.
It's doubtful Kevin's personality and way of doing things has changed, or the way he relates to other characters on the street.
I for one wouldn't be bothered at all if Keven never came returned.

Disappointed said...

I agree wholeheartedly, they tuned him into a caveman alternating between lusting after Sally and threatening everyone else with violence if things didn't go his way.
I for one haven't missed him and think he is no longer needed on the Street.

Jane said...

To be honest I haven't missed him or Ken. In fact I think Deirdre has come into her own without Ken & Sally has more interaction with other characters without Kevin around. Just my personal opinion!

Barrie.T said...

Everyone except Sally can see Tim for what he really is. It won't be long before Kevin sees it too and spends months trying to get through to Sally.

Shan said...

Oh my goodness, there's going to be an explosive storyline between Tim and Kevin! I didn't see this coming at all.

I also haven't missed Kevin (or Ken.) I think his absence shows that there are a lot of characters they are keeping around for nostalgic sake and that if they got rid of them they wouldn't be missed and there may possibly be room for better (explosive) storylines.

Newfy Pearl said...

GRRRRR! So frustrated with the idea of this storyline. Can't they think of anything else to do with these two?
I think it would be so much better to have Kev come back with a new love. They are so happy and into each other that it makes Sally green with envy. It will highlight how lacking Tim is to their relationship.
Finally Sally - as usual - will want Kevin and try to steal him from new woman. In a cool twist.....very refreshing....Kev tells Sally to back off and continues to have a relationship with new woman and embark on interesting storyline that does not include Sally! lol

Impressed said...

Newfy Pearl
Much better than the drivel SB is foisting on us, and your Kevin storyline idea just points out how sad and lacking in imagination the producers and writers have become.
I just wish they would read these blogs and forums and pay attention to and act on the comments expressed by the viewers.

Tvor said...

They haven't really said what the actual storyline is going to be though have they? Just that things have changed and Sally has moved on. Never mind, at least Kevin will get his house back and Stella and Gloria can leave!

Anonymous said...

I think that would be a great storyline, different to the usual ones they come up with!!!

Anonymous said...

what's the point of bringing this character back? He was a non character even before he left the show and now he's coming back ... for what? Another revolving door reprisal of the Sally and Kevin show that's been many times before? If that's what's planned for next year then I'll eagerly avoid this come-back.

Newfy Pearl said...

Thanks to Impressed and Anonymous. :-)

Humpty Dumpty said...

The Sally/Tim storyline was surely a holding operation while tptb awaited the outcome of legal proceedings. They've no reason to sack the actor so Kevin must come back. Very unfortunate, IMO. Ideally, Kevin should come back for a year and then leave permanently; meanwhile the actor will have regained his standing and will be inundated with offers (and I mean that genuinely). Sally, having dumped Tim in a storyline with Kevin, will then be free to have a life.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I have truly been hoping that we've seen the back of both Kevin and Ken, regardless of what happens with their actors. What a drag. Can't he be killed off ASAP?!

Anonymous said...

Tim - Drip. glad to see him gone, not soon enough. Kevin haven't missed him But if he has to come back the writers should give credit to Tyrone for keeping the garage going and Kevin should give him back his partnership. As for Sally wake up and see Tim for what he is, a good for nothing louse, with no money, no personality, nothing..., send him packing.

Anonymous said...

When I read 'Tim' I had to think who he was!! So just leave please.
As far as Kevin's return is concerned, If I had a vote, I vote against him returning.
I have not missed him either.
Haley will be very much missed. I am sorry she is leaving. I hope that Roy stays on.


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