Thursday, 28 November 2013

Antony Cotton's mum joins Coronation Street again

Antony Cotton and mum Enid Dunn at the Genesis Ball 2012
Antony Corron's mum will be joining Coronation Street. His mum, actress Enid Dunn has appeared in Coronation Street three times before in small bit-parts. 

Antony revealed the nwes in a tweet today saying that his mum, actress Enid Dunn has signed up for several episodes.
According to Corripedia, Enid Dunn has appeared three times in Coronation Street: in January 2002 she played Joan Lawson, the aunt of the deceased Dennis Stringer at the latter's funeral; four years later, in January 2006, she returned as an Old Crone at an art exhibition held at Weatherfield Gallery and in June 2011 played the role of an unnamed Woman
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Anonymous said...

Wow, was it only 11 years ago Dennis Stringer died and left our view? Feels like at leat two or three decades!

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