Sunday, 17 November 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards for Nov. 11 - 13

Lazy Chef award: Hayley for using a  poaching ring instead of becoming one with the egg in the vortex like Roy does.

Rock and a hard place award: Does Roy lie to keep the peace or does the distance between he and Hayley widen even further. For her sake, the honest-to-a-fault Roy decides to lie.

Ironic award: Faye was the victim of bullies last year. Now she's party to Grace's bullying.

Ungrateful award: Todd (and the total Pants On Fire award for being a world class liar)

Psychic award: Faye knew what Leanne was talking about before she mentioned Simon being caught stealing.

Pushing the envelope award: David for being drunk, ugly and a freeloader. Todd for eating the last biscuit and freeloading.

Musical ambiance. "Fly like an Eagle" while Tina tells Liz and Deirdre that Tommy's flow the coop and not coming back.

Brideszilla from Hell award: Carla. Self-admitted.

Lines of the week:
Hayley "It's vortex all the way from now on"
Leanne "I hope you girls didn't put him up to this" (she didn't say what) Faye "no, we didn't"
Hayley listening to classical music "You can't dance to it and it makes me think of adverts"
Sean "Why did the drunken, self pitying miseryguts cross the road?"
David "I hate me"
Anna "I'm sure you'll get it right Roy. You normally do" (meaning, more than Holladaise sauce)
Eileen "Never eat the last one (biscuit) because the resentment will fester for years" Todd "And here's me thinking this job will be a dawdle"
Tina "Excuse me while I die of boredom"

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