Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Book Review: The Rovers Return Companion

Tim Randall's new book, The Rovers Return: The Official Coronation Street Companion, is available now. I have just finished reading this lovely book and thought you might all like to hear about it.

The hardback cover is designed to look like an older book, with discoloured and frayed edges.  The content, however, sparkles!

The Rovers Return Inn is the heart of the long running British television show, Coronation Street. Since December 1960, the pub has been the center of action and the gathering place for the neighbours. Births, deaths, anniversaries and marraiges have been performed, celebrated and/or commemorated here. There have been disasters and triumphs, parties and drama and plenty of pints poured over the heads of those who misstep.

Tim Randall's book gives us the run down on the highlights of the pub since the beginning of the show including a potted history of all the licensees, barmaids and pot men. He tells us about the disasters, including both fires and a crash into the front of the pub by a truck (lorry) load of wood. We hear about babies born under the roof of the pub, deaths on site and some of the many marraiges celebrated. There are fancy dress parties, and pint dousing drama.

The book is full of facts and stories and lots and lots of great photos! Very much worth buying if you're a Coronation Street fan. I don't know if you'd get the photos in the Kindle edition so I would definitely recommend the hardback.

On Amazon.co.uk, the book is currently selling for £9.
On Amazon.ca, the book is currently selling for $20.98 CAD.
On Amazon.com, the book will be released on January 1, 2014 and will sell for $28.35 and you can pre-order it.

Both the Canadian and American versions are/will be available for Kindle and the UK version is available as well

You may also be able to find it in local book shops.

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modtl said...

You DO get the photos in the Kindle edition.

Tvor said...

Oh that's good! Thanks for letting us know!

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