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Monday, 4 November 2013

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 4 November

Coronation Street, MONDAY 4TH NOVEMBER at 7.30pm

EILEEN GETS AN UNWELCOME VISITOR. Eileen’s excited about Todd’s impending arrival but when a knock at the door reveals his angry boyfriend Alex, who demands to know where she’s hiding Todd, Eileen’s shocked. As he says he wants answers from Todd after he ripped him off and dumped him, Alex brands Todd an accomplished liar. Maternal instinct taking over Eileen shows him the door, insisting to Jason that’s not the Todd she knows. When he finally arrives will Todd come clean to his mum?
ANNA BACKS ROY INTO A CORNER. As Roy throws himself into redecorating, in a bid to distract himself from Hayley’s plans, Jenna’s keen to help. But when Roy lashes out at her for invading his privacy Anna steps in to comfort a vulnerable Roy. On the edge of emotional collapse will Roy confess all to Anna?
FAYE AND GRACE CONSPIRE AGAINST SALLY. When Sally offers to have Faye and Grace over for tea as Tim’s working late Grace sees the opportunity for some fun and sets about causing trouble for Sally.
ELSEWHERE Leanne helps Nick with his things and they move back to Victoria court.


TODD GOES FROM HERO TO ZERO. As Eileen questions Todd about his life in London he layers lie upon lie, leaving Eileen struggling to maintain her genial facade. When a drunken Alex then appears in the Rovers and Sean lets slip that Todd is now at Eileen’s, Jason senses a storm brewing and chases Alex across the road. At the Grimshaws Alex pushes his way in demanding answers from a horrified Todd. As Eileen coolly explains that she’s already met Alex, will Todd be able to defend his bad behaviour?
ROY’S PUSHED TO REVEAL ALL TO ANNA. As Anna implores Roy to open up he’s unable to bear the burden anymore and reveals Hayley’s plan to end her life. Anna’s completely thrown and Roy instantly regrets his admission and rushes out. Can Anna offer him the the answers he craves?
SALLY PLAYS RIGHT INTO FAYE’S HANDS. When Sally returns back from the shop with sweets for the girls she’s shocked to find Tim there, who’s raced round after receiving a text from Faye and Grace saying Sally left them home alone and they thought they heard a burglar. As Tim condemns Sally will she realise she’s been set up?
ELSEWHERE Under pressure at the Bistro will Leanne let Kylie have her job back?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Eileen had a short hair do during her drunken dancing around t'Rovers with Elizabeth and Dreary. Now in the photo above when Todd arrives its long an straggly again? More continuity errors producers????

Anonymous said...

Finally..a fresh never done before storyline. Wayward son/daughter comes home with a personality transplant and a massive chip on their shoulder and promptly starts causing grief for their family.
At least this one kept the same head.
Sally needs to find her gonads - what a doormat she's become.

Dubcek said...

Doesn't Anna leave Faye at home alone?
If she's working in the cafe she can't very well be at home supervising Faye at the same time so IMO another lame storyline.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I can't work out why Anna is so annoying. You're meant to love her despite all her faults. Maybe it's because she's so up herself even when she's helping someone else. In that way, there's a bit of Stella about her.

Anonymous said...

Anna has just reverted to type. She was a hose-bag when she first arrived - remember the velvet jumpsuit and Gary, who was up to all sorts of bad stuff with his uncle. Eddie, well, I don't miss that red sweater but he was hilarious. Remember what they did to Joe McIntyre - totally ripped him off causing the beginning of his downward spiral. They tried to make Anna into the real home-maker type but she was getting way too sweet for my liking. It's a wonder she doesn't see right through Grace because they're two peas in a pod IMO.


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