Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Corrie musical Street of Dreams postpones tour

This just in from The Stage

Coronation Street musical Street of Dreams has postponed its forthcoming tour, with the producers claiming they are “far from happy with the show artistically”.

The musical opened in Manchester on May 9 and 10. It was due to continue to Dublin, Belfast and Newcastle later this month.

In an email seen by The Stage that was sent to cast and crew involved in the production, the show’s co-producer John Ward, from Reckless Entertainment, said he was postponing the dates planned for later this month because he and his production team, which includes Coronation Street Executive Producer Kieran Roberts, “are far from happy with the show artistically and we are not prepared to take it out again in its present form”. He added: “We will be re-working the show for dates later in the year.”

Ward stressed the show has not been cancelled but admitted that it has “been a very rocky ride”.

He added: “But the upside is that we had a terrific reaction from the fans on both Wednesday and Thursday night and an improved show certainly has the potential to go on and be a long running hit. We had some mixed reviews but also some raves. But it needs to be changed.”

He said he and the show’s composer, Trisha Ward, would be “doing everything in our power to make this a smoother ride from now on”. In his email, Ward moved to allay fears about payment of those involved. He said that he will be in touch with those involved "individually shortly regarding matters financial. People will be paid but we do need a bit more patience and that may not be what you want to hear,” he said.

Crikey. It did get awful reviews, mind. 

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Sunny Jim said...

"People will be paid but we do need a bit more patience". Fine for the professionals but wht about the poor saps who have forked out for tickets and possibly accomodation & transport too.

I knew it would all end in tears.

thedeegee said...

Not surprised, went to the show last Wednesday and it was awful. Lots left after the first half...feel completely ripped off after spending my hard earned money. It was more like an amateur panto.

Duncan Lindsay said...

Oh well back to the drawing board for my fiancee's birthday present!!

Although from the sounds of it, it sounds like I dodged a bullet...

Greg said...

get rid of the ten minute sean tully boreathon, and it might improve a bit!

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