Monday, 8 February 2010

Street Style: Michelle Connor's Triple Bow Jumper

It's official: you all love clothing with bows! This is the second street style edition I've done based on an article of clothing where the bow plays center-stage. I've had some requests to find the cute brown triple bow jumper that Michelle Connor wore at the Rovers whilst the "Hard Hat Party" was going on. We only saw Michelle in this piece from waist up, so on my searches I couldn't quite find a short jumper (or sweater) that was appropriate, however I did find some triple-bow dresses (or tunics, long jumpers) that were almost dead-on. Unfortunately I couldn't find any in brown!

I found this lovely replica, which I believe is the best, (1 - click here) which is the "Mela Bow Knitted Dress" from New Look. This dress comes in the Vatican Purple (above), black and navy. I found another almost identical alternative (2 - click here), only I think the fabric is slightly more elastic and synthetic than what Michelle had. This dress is the "Uttam Purple Bow Dress" from Dorothy Perkins. Lastly, if you were interested in the triple bow effect, but wanted something in more of a blouse, or just a little different, I also found this extremely cute top (3 - click here) "Sonia by Sonia Rykiel" from My Wardrobe.

I hope this edition of street style fits your bow fancy for now!



Is there anything that you've ever seen on The Street that you'd like to have, but don't know where you can find something similar? Are you interested in any particular character's personal or decorating style? For any Street Style requests, send me a line!


seapenguin said...

Yoork, where do you reckon Liz got her zig zag necklace?!

Dishwasher Crab said...

At our house we have a sort of league table of "how much the wardrobe department hate this actor" based on how strange or ugly the clothes they are made to wear are. Top of the most hated list are Liz McDonald & Deirdre Barlow. I reckon they love Becky.

Yoork said...

@ seapenguin - I have no idea. This has boggled us for a while. Nora did a post about it though before, here:

@ Dishwater Crab - Yes, you're right. Add poor Rita to the list for ugly clothes too! IMHO

PS: There's one I found also:

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

Me Me Michelle wearing a top that doesn't show off her tattoo??! My flabber is gasted.

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