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Saturday 27 February 2010

Optimist: Fri Feb 26, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by John Kerr (7:30) and Mark Burt (8:30), directed by Durno Johnston

Well, finally, it's the aunties last day and they want to take the kids to school. Sunita figures a walk won't hurt them. Dev is having a drink and a game of arrows with Lloyd when Sunita shows up with the aunties in tow. He's surprised to see them, but Sunita pretends as though he knows what's going on. She says the aunties wanted to see Dev just one more time. The aunties ask Lloyd if he's married and when he says no they assume he's a "man who likes men." The aunties try to set up Lloyd with a woman whose husband is on his death-bed. Dev tells Sunita that after she drops the aunties off at the airport, he should come by and pick up the rest of his stuff. Yeah, don't forget your dignity either, Dev. Lloyd suggests Dev just tell Sunita how he feels - no more hints.

Dev is at Sunita's picking up his stuff, and the kids say they will miss him and don't want him to go. Dev hands his key back to Sunita, and they both part in subdued silence. Dev gets in his car and mopes, only to go back to the door and tell Sunita he forgot something - and grabs her and kisses her. The stuff soaps are made of, folks. Dev comes back with some flowers and some chocolates after telling the twins a secret. The secret was that daddy wants to move in, which the twins couldn't keep for a minute. Dev wants to take the family to Disneyland. Sunita doesn't seem to happy about Dev and all his plans. He's scaring her away! She tells him she needs to be alone tonight, but he wants to make it right. Talk about smothering!

Jackie kicks out a strange man from her bed in the morning, much to Tyrone's disapproval. Jackie thinks that Tyrone should be keeping an eye on Molly (the tart up the road), not her. Jackie goes into the Rovers and orders a double G&T, and one for Liz, on Molly's tab. When Jackie's informed that Molly hasn't got a tab, she just orders a single G&T for herself snubbing Liz. Jackie then starts accusing Dev of being the one that's been knocking Molly's knickers off. Tyrone comes in between them and sets them straight. Tyrone tells his mum that Molly left him because she doesn't love him anymore, that's all. Well, that's part of it. Jackie tells Tyrone he's a good lad and deserves better than Molly for a wife. Molly tells Tyrone that Jackie attacked her and he responded that at least Jackie cared enough to fight for him. Tell it like it is. Jackie figures what she and Tyrone need is a good blow out on Chinese. Spring rolls and "saucy pork balls." I'm finding her quite hilarious, for now at least. Of course, Tyrone shells out. She then hands Tyrone a can of empty lager telling him that'll keep him going.

Connie and Jack come by the shop and Molly tells them how Jackie's picking Tyrone clean. Connie and Molly figure it's up to Jack to fix it. Connie and Jack tell Tyrone that Jackie's feeding off the loneliness. Jack offers to move back in for a bit, to be like old times. Tyrone realises that Jack and Connie have been talking to Molly and asks them to leave and not to come back. Ouch. Jack tells him that no matter what happens, they're always there for him.

Poor Liz is swamped at work since Becky's got her feet up upstairs and calls Michelle for help. Steve is further indulging Becky with barms and sweet words. Liz goes outside to relieve her stress with a fag and Ciaran sees her and tells her it's a filthy habit. Liz tells Ciaran that if he needs a job, it's his - ignore what Steve says. Wow, Liz really pours on that charm as thick as she pours on her slap. Becky comes down, ready to go out shopping, and notices Ciaran working in the pub, and tells Liz that four bar staff is a bit OTT. She then realises it's because there's really only three bar staff. Becky thinks she's been sacked, and Steve isn't happy. Liz tells Michelle it went a lot better than expected.

Liz and Michelle are having a great time behind the bar with Ciaran mixing 'em cocktails and telling stories. I'm sure they really missing Becky right about now. Ciaran tells Liz that the cocktail she's enjoying so much is called a "Queen Elizabeth" *blush*. After a days work, Ciaran butters Liz up with compliments she's more than happy to accept. They both establish that they are currently single over a shift-ending drink. Things are getting cosy until Steve and Becky interrupt them. Becky figures Liz is an optimist, she'll give her that.

Gail is staring off into space in her yard, just thinking. David tells her that her telling the truth at this point probably wasn't the best idea since the coppers won't stop sniffing around now. David finds Joe's mobile and drops it into the canal. Presumably to get rid of the evidence. Only, he should have taken the SIM card out, since they can be tracked. Plus, throwing the phone in the canal doesn't dissolve phone records which are really the key problem they'll have with the police.

Tina receives a sympathy card in the post from Deirdre and Ken and immediately starts sobbing. She goes over to Gail's, and they have a moment over tea about not being able to believe that Joe's just gone. Gail has to tell Tina that the funeral might not be for a while since the police need more time. Tina figures the police think he killed himself. She asks Gail if she thinks he did it on purpose, Gail says no.

The detectives arrive at Gail's and tell Gail that they've had a look at Joe's phone records, and the text he sent Tina couldn't have been from him since they know Joe's time of death. They also bring up the flowers that Tina received. Gail confesses that she sent them. Gail tells the detectives why she did it and in hindsight it was a stupid thing to do. They ask for Joe's phone, only it's not there so Gail goes searching for it. Gail's in a panic after she realises she can't find Joe's phone. Gail is ripping her home apart looking for the phone now. Meanwhile, the police aren't sure what to believe. Gail tells David that they should explain all this to Tina, since she'll find out anyway. David doesn't think that's such a good idea. David finally tells her that he's thrown Joe's phone into the canal. Oh, boy. David claims he was trying to protect Gail, but Gail shouts at him that he doesn't care for her or Joe. David admits that he doesn't care about Joe since he figures Joe brought it all on himself, he only cares about Gail.

Leanne tells Ken about how Simon got into a fight with Joshua the other day. Leanne tells Ken that George and Eve want to take Simon on a long weekend vacation to Spain. Leanne tells Ken she hasn't told Peter about it yet and Ken thinks Peter has a right to know. Leanne doesn't want things to get worse for Peter in rehab. Leanne asks Ken's permission, and Ken says he'll have to talk with Deirdre and let her know. Ken tells Leanne that he thinks it'd be good for Simon to get a break as long as Peter knows what happened when he gets home.

- Jackie Dobbs throwing out Gary/Larry from her bed in the morning not giving a fig about what his name is. Classy broad! She then soothes her morning headache by pouring herself a glass of last night's leftover lager. Has Jackie met Teresa yet?
- Deirdre and Ken sending Tina a sympathy card. That Deirdre's got a heart of gold.
- The banter between Lloyd and Liz. Liz asks who Sunita's aunties are, and when told she retorts that for a minute she thought he'd traded Teresa in for two younger models. Lloyd follows up by saying he thought the bitter only came on tap. Zing!
- Lloyd sick of Dev's moping and saying if he wanted to be that depressed he could go home and look at his bank statements. Oh, and probably Teresa in his bed. I added that last part.
- Molly telling Tyrone that Jackie came into the shop and attacked her. Tyrone adding, "Well at least she cared enough to fight for me." OH!
- Aadi and Asha are SO adorable, they're Dev and Sunita's saving grace for me right now.

- Sunita stringing Dev along like that. It's just plain annoying.
- Dev sitting in his car moping and listening to 10CC's "I'm Not in Love." Oh, enough already!
- Gail tells the police that every time she closes her eyes she sees Joe's face. Oh, I thought that was so sad.
- Steve and Becky angry since Liz hired Ciaran. The woman needs help!

Looking forward to: More Liz and Ciaran chemistry!
NOT looking forward to: More disappointment for Tina when she finds out that her birthday text and flowers were sent by David and Gail, not by Joe.


Anonymous said...

Noooooooo, not Liz and Ciaran -- yuk! Awful...I don't think the actor playing Ciaran is that good, but I wouldn't mind seeing him as a skirt-chaser -- but everyone except Liz, please!

Walzing Matilda said...

Liz is becoming embarrasing!!!

Those twins are so cute and such good little actors, surely Dev cannot be their father - LOL.


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