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Friday 26 February 2010

Truth Time: Thu Feb 25, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Stephen Russell, directed by Durno Johnston

Tina stares sadly at the boat that aided in her father's demise, as David watches her do so with the same expression from the upstairs window. Gail is, obviously, still bereft. Gail wonders if he was alive or dead when she first called David. So many things must be wandering through her mind. David reminds Gail that Joe's left her in it now, and she has to decide what she's going to tell the police when they return. Gail tells David that it's truth time, there's no point in lying any more.

Tina still can't swallow the fact that her dad is dead. Eileen tells her to carry on, since that's what everybody does. Tina assumes that her father must have died straight after he'd sent her that text. She also wants to know if Joe did it on purpose or not, and Eileen assures her that he couldn't. The detectives arrive and ask Tina questions about her father's debt problems. She tells them that Joe sent her a text for her birthday, then flowers a day after. The detectives look confused by her answer, since they're still trying to establish time of death and last week is a bit later than they thought.

Over the road, David and Gail are on pins waiting for the police to be done questioning Tina. Audrey asks Gail what's going on, but only gets silence. The detectives arrive at Gail's and right away she tells them she's not been entirely truthful, much to Audrey's shock and David's chagrin. Here we go. Gail tells all to the police, and finally throws Joe's "plan" under the bus, but the detectives look sceptical, and well, rather perplexed. The detective tells Gail that there are unexplained injuries to the body, a head injury and some other abrasions. Gail says she doesn't know anything about that and David suggests that maybe those led to him drowning. The detective can't figure out why when Gail saw the boat on the lake, she called David and didn't report Joe missing. She explains how Joe towed a dinghy out with the boat and was going to abandon the boat and take the dinghy to the other side, and had she reported him missing, she'd have been going along with his plan. They then ask why she didn't report him missing, then tell them this story. She claims she didn't want to get Joe into trouble, since he was her husband. The police tell Gail they'll be in touch very soon. David doesn't like the sound of that.

After the police leave, Audrey angrily tells Gail she should have reported Joe missing the second they got off in the boat, and if she had he might still be alive. Ouch. Gail admits she wishes she reported him missing now also. Outside, the police are taking away GailForce to look for evidence of foul play, I'm sure. Gail asks when they'll get Joe's body as they've got a funeral to organise. The detective tells her it won't be for some time, since it's being treated as a suspicious death. Gail is shocked. David tells Gail: "I told ya so."

At Chez Alahan, the aunties don't approve of the school that Aadi and Asha go to, nor do they think that the children know enough Hindi. I'm surprised they haven't commented on the paint colours in the kitchen also. Give it time. Dev treats the aunties to shopping, and then lunch. He even suggests the Rovers for lunch. What is he thinking? At the Rovers, the aunties think the vegetarian hot pots are disgusting. Grishma wonders how you can get gristle without adding meat. They figure rats would starve before eating this, but when Steve comes by to ask how it is they are full of compliments.

Back at Sunita's, the aunties complain about more things forcing Dev to throw the towel down and tell them "that's enough." Finally, he's grown a pair. He tells them how hard Sunita has worked to please them, and they're lucky they're even staying there. The aunties say that making themselves at home IS a sign of gratitude. Oh, whatever. Later, in Sunita's bedroom, she thanks Dev, and as he goes in for a kiss, she gets up and avoids it. Oh, the suspense is killing me. That was sarcasm.

George tells Leanne that Simon's hit Joshua, and Leanne figures he has been aggressive lately with all that's been going on. George suggests that Simon needs a holiday to get away from everything. George tells her they're going to Spain for a week, and Simon could go with them. Leanne says he better ask Peter. Shouldn't George be asking Ken, perhaps? I don't recall Leanne having any guardianship over Simon, do you? Claire comes by after George leaves, and Leanne apologises, but Claire says kids push each other all the time and it was nothing. Leanne could swear George said he had hit Joshua, not pushed him.

Jackie Dobbs is in fine form and criticises Molly's "Pussycat Doll" look and asks Tyrone when that started. I am really starting to wonder actually why Molly dolls herself up like she's going out for a night on the town just to do her shift in Dev's shop. Jackie asks Tyrone what happened between them, and Tyrone says they just fell out. Jackie doesn't believe there wasn't another fella. Mother's instincts.

Jackie can't help herself and goes into the corner shop to make a scene. Molly grabs her by the collar and throws her out only for them to scrap outside. Tyrone has to pull them apart, and even the police come out of Eileen's and threaten to shut it down. Jackie shows her face in the shop again, and Molly threatens to call the police. Jackie says she's there to make her a promise. Tyrone treated her like a Queen, and she broke his heart. Jackie tells Molly that she knows she's had a bit-on-the-side, and not to deny it. Jackie says if Molly ever goes near her Tyrone again, she'll be dead meat.

Liz is sick of Becky not working, simply because she's pregnant, and tells Steve as much. Steve just begs her to let he and Becky have some time with their happiness. Right on time, Ciaran comes in and asks Liz for a job, and Liz figures without Becky, they ARE understaffed. Steve isn't keen and tells Ciaran to go to the next pub. Becky comes back with baby shopping in tow, and when Liz asks if she can take over for her break, Becky declines since she's knackered.

- David telling Gail she doesn't exactly make the best decisions, and perhaps she should try doing the opposite of what she thinks and she might fare better.
- Becky comparing her hips to Liz and saying that she can't just "pop 'em out" like Liz did.
- Jackie Dobbs telling Tyrone that Molly's done up like Jackie Collins at Elton John's Christmas Party! She's a hoot!
- Jackie threatening Molly and Molly grabbing Jackie by the collar and throwing her out of the shop, only for them to scrap outside! I love a good Corrie cat-fight! Mrowl!
- Grishma wondering how you can get grissle in a vegetarian hot pot without adding meat. Haha.
- Jackie telling Molly she's a slapper with elevator knickers.

- Why would the Devestator choose the Rovers to bring the aunties and Sunita to for lunch? Isn't he trying to make sure they don't find out about Sunita and his divorce? What better way to do that than to bring the aunties to a place full of people whom know very well than they are not still married. This storyline gets thicker by the episode.
- Gail only telling the truth after Joe's body's been found. We all knew it would happen.

Looking forward to: More Carla, Janice and Trevor-the-binman love triangle.
NOT looking forward to: Dev and Sunita getting back together. Bo-ring.


James said...

Elevator knickers was a great line!

Sea Penguin said...

I was scared about Jackie Dobbs coming back, as quite frankly she gave me nightmares before - but she was really, really great last night. Thought the whole episode was very good, come to that.

Sea Penguin said...

Heartily, heartily agree re. Dev/Sunita by the way. Make it stop.

Tvor said...

*elevator knickers* yes lol
Molly's getting pussycat dolled up on the off chance Kevin comes into the shop and finds her irresistable again!
It was a bit mean for Dev to feed the aunties hotpot knowing it wasn't vegetarian. If Betty used beef that would really be awful because even Dev doesn't eat beef (so he said in something a long time ago) but i think she uses lamb.

Sea Penguin said...

Tvor, are you sure it wasn't vegetarian? I know Grishma (or the other one) found gristle in it, but Steve said it WAS veggie - same recipe as the usual hotpot, but without the meat. Which sounds pretty foul, actually.

Willie Eckerslike said...

Plate face slapper with elevator knickers - LOL.

I also thought it very odd that Dev took the aunties into the Rovers, especially as they are strict Hindu and wouldnt be seen in a pub. Very sloppy writing again.

Anonymous said...

No, it wasn't sloppy writing. It's just that the aunties just have to visit Rover's since Rover's practically is the heart of Corrie Street! And my darling gurn-making Steve MacDonald and the rest of the Corrie characters should have a chance to see them. Dev certainly couldn't take them to his kebab shop!

Swamp Duck said...

Why would two elderly great Aunts from India want to visit a back street pub in Coronation Street which has nothing to do with them?, espeically where the characters know about the divorce? What happened to Theresa's curry making venture?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where this electric blue shirt from that Molly is wearing?

Anonymous said...

But Swamp Duck! The aunties aren't as out to lunch as you might think. They're quite savy about UK life and it looks like all they want is to see what "normal" life is like -- that meaning a visit to a local pub even if they're vegetarians and probably don't drink, either. Yes, I'm wondering where Theresa IS in the first place. I wish the writers ran with her curry-making venture.

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather have seen the Aunties working in the corner shop than the risible Umed. They could evolve into an enjoyable double act. And push that slapper Molly out!


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