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Tuesday 23 February 2010

The Plot Thickens: Mon Feb 22, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Simon Crowther (7:30) & Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by Durno Johnston

Janice and Trevor are in flatmate paradise. They reflect that they never used to sit down with their ex-significant others at breakfast. Maybe it's best that they don't get together after all and just keep this amiable friendship? I'm only suggesting! Janice hears more about Trevor's ex, and what a doozy she was and adds sarcastically, "Ooh, the plot thickens!" Sometimes plots get so thick, that they become officially thick, if you know what I'm saying. How tall IS Trevor by the way?

Carla is spitting over the mess of the factory and realizes that their cleaning lady isn't exactly dependable. She's also gotten some new fringe, don't think I hadn't noticed. The factory girls all run off at the end of shift leaving Carla to clean up the dump. While she's on her hands and knees scrubbing, Trevor comes in happy to see the site and asks for Jan, his flat mate. He says he found two kittens and wants to take them home only he needs to ask Janice's permission first. Tervor obviously assumes Carla is the cleaner, and says he's on the lookout for the boss since Janice and Kelly talk about how terrible she is, and they even do impressions. Carla follows his assumptions and tells him that she's just a "lowly cleaner."

Later, Carla tells Janice she wants her to stay and clean the toilets. Oh, just desserts. Janice isn't happy, but Carla asks her what she expects from her "dragon of a boss." Janice is confused.

Janice pretends to love the kittens, eventhough she's obviously allergic to them. Trevor thanks Janice for all she's done for him in the last few weeks.
Tina calls her father's phone again and threatens to call the police if he doesn't return home this afternoon. She also states that she knows everything, and he's a moron. Let's hope the police don't pour over Joe's phone messages.

David comes into the health centre when Gail's at work and tells her to tell the police now. No more lies. She still has a chance to get out of this, relatively, unscathed. That's not the "Gail McIntyre" way however. Tina comes into the heath centre and tells Gail she's phoning the police to report Joe missing, at least, if not to tell them about the entire plan.

The police show up at Gail's house and she's hostile towards them thinking that Tina has called them. The police tell Gail that a body's been found in Lake Windermere, and they believe it's that of her husband's. Que shock on Gail and David's faces. Gail is completely in shock at the thought that Joe had drowned to death. She can't even believe it's true. David tries to calm Joe down before she says something she shouldn't. David offers to tell Tina, since it's better coming from him than the plods. The police tell Gail that she needs to go with them to formally identify the body.

David goes to Eileen's to tell Tina about her father but has a hard time getting the words out. Jason notices something's not right and tells Tina to let David speak. David finally utters, "he's dead." Que more shock from Jason and Tina's faces. Tina doesn't believe him and calls David sick in the head, then realizes he's telling the truth. Tina is heartbroken. The real kind of heartbroken.

Tina goes to Gail's and asks her and Audrey if it's true. They confirm that it is, and Tina demands to see him. Oh, that'll be a haunting memory. I hope I never have to identify a body of someone I love. Gail tells Tina that they'll go together to identify Joe's body. As they're off, Jason tells his mum about what happened. Gail is still clinging to the hope that the body's not Joe's - but Tina has a good feeling it is. The police detective warns them that Joe's been in the water for quite some time so he might look different. Oh, can't Jason go identify it instead? The only thing heard is Tina's screams from the room where Joe's body is held out into the hallway where Jason and David are sat. Gail holds Tina while she sings lullaby's her father sang to her in the identification room.

The news of Joe's death spreads through the Rovers like wildfire. Folk figure it must be suspicious circumstances if the police are there.

Molly shows up at The Old Rectory and Tyrone opens the door all full of morning stench and freaks out since he wants to look his best around her so she'll fall back in love with him. Well, he doesn't beat around the bush, does he? Molly's only come to get her post - psych! What a rotten little so-and-so she is. Later at work, Kev sees how down Tyrone is, and how guilty he is, and gives Ty the day off. Jack and Connie go over to cheer Tyrone up. Connie offers to tidy up for Tyrone and answers the phone when Jackie Dobbs calls. She tells Jackie about Molly leaving Tyrone. Uh-oh. Connie's prepared Jack and Tyrone a nice tea, and tells Tyrone that if he eats rubbish, he'll feel rubbish. The second they sit down, the door knocks and it's Jackie and her cherry locks there to console her Tyrone. Jackie tells Tyrone that she can't wait to give that "Molly Malone" a piece of her mind. Tyrone corrects Jackie that Molly's surname is Dobbs. When was it ever Malone?

Dev and Sunita are having fun with each other keeping up their charade, even with Dev "away on business." Do I see sparks? Maybe some kindling? Over at Sunita's, the doorbell rings, and it's Matt. Uh-oh. Matt tells Sunita he loves her and grabs her in a kiss. Dev comes back with the kids, and the Aunties to see Sunita and Matt together in the kitchen. Of course, the kids welcome Matt with open arms, arising suspicions from the Aunties. They clearly don't believe that Matt is the kids math tutor. Poor Matt, Sunita just dropped him like a bag of hot coals once Dev got back on the scene.

Just as Dev and Sunita could almost see the light, the Aunties inform them that they're extending their stay. No longer than four days though, an extra week tops.

Gary's army buddy remarks that he can't believe that Gary "tapped off" with Rosie Webster. What a stud. Gary's buddy also tries to pick up some rough girls on the bus. He figures they could be in the desert in due time, so they must sow some wild oats while they can. Gross. They also mutter on about female given names. How strange. What's wrong with "Audrey?" And since when did these two become the baby-name authorities? Do we even know Gary's friend's name yet? His last name is "Quinn" so that's what I'm callin' him. Quinn gets off the phone with his mum and tells Gary that it seems his brother has lost his legs in a roadside bomb. Gary looks perturbed, but doesn't know what to say. The boys tell Anna the news about Quinn's brother and she's obviously upset. Gary is equally upset it seems too. Anna sees Gary off in tears. I hate these kind of goodbyes. Do you ever say goodbye to someone and genuinely wonder if you'll ever see them again? The older you get, I suppose the more this happens.

Mary and Norris are in the Kabin gossiping around Audrey and her new courtier from the night before. Mary wonders how old Lewis is, and Norris comments, "younger than Audrey, but then again, who isn't?" Zing! Natasha comes in, and Norris wants more details but Natasha hasn't gotten any. Unfortunately for Audrey, Norris recognizes Lewis as one of Audrey's friends' husbands from the Weatherfield Council Christmas Party. Wow, talk about givin' em something to talk about! Mary immediately requests of Natasha to be fit in for a trim around midday.

Mary and Natasha in the salon later, grill Audrey over her romantic encounter. Natasha and Mary want the dirt, but Audrey's clean as a whistle.

- Keving nicknaming Dev the "Dev-estator" after finding about from Tyrone about Dev and Sunita's new little plan to pretend they're married again.
- Norris offers to buy Gail and Audrey a drink in the Rovers, and Audrey responds with, "Oh, what do you want to know?"
- Carla pretending to be a "lowly cleaner" as that's what Trevor assumed she was. This is a fun side of her.
- Connie's pearl of wisdom, "eat rubbish, feel rubbish." How true!
- Insensitive remarks made by the rescue police about "McIntyre going under." Tactless and disrespectful.
- Mary and Norris comparing ganglions in the Kabin. Gross, business must be booming!
- The reaction from Tina as she realized her father was dead, and the screams when identifying his body. Does anyone else wonder how Slick Rick sleeps at night?
- Gary realizing that war is real, and could have grave (no pun intended) consequences after hearing what happened to Quinn's brother.
Looking forward to: Watching who Trevor falls for: Carla or Janice. Is it really a competition?
NOT looking forward to: The eventual come-down of Gail and David's "plan" to cover up Joe's "plan."


Rebecca said...

The Molly Malone I assume she was referring to :)

The police rescuing Joe's body, well. They kind of have to have that sense of humour? They do something really really ugly every single day of their lives. We were warned when we met the divers that found my dad that they can be like this (by the family liaison officer) and not to take offence. In contrast, we found them respectful, quiet, lovely men. Much, much respect for them and the job they do.

Identifying the body is probably the worst thing I have ever, ever done.

Adrian said...

HIGHLIGHT: Mary saying 'google ganglion'

Willie Ecklerslike said...

Carla knocked back Kieran and Nick and now she is all over Trevor the bin man?????

Clare said...

@ Willie, Trev is pretty tasty!

Billy Niblick said...

Actually I thought that Tina's peformance, in the sense that it was a mighty impressive piece of acting, was a highlight, not a lowlight. You really could feel her pain in the racking screams she emitted on identifying her Dad's corpse on the slab.

Dishwasher Crab said...

I'm with Adrian on this: top moment was "Google Ganglion". (Unfortunately I did just that before eating my lunch, and now I feel a bit queasy.)

Another grand highlight was Jackie Dobb's rather elaborate dream about robbing a budgie from the market. They love their scouse stereotypes on Corrie, don't they?

Tvor said...

I *heart* Jackie! she's horrible, yes but so much fun to watch!
yeah, i'd go for Trev over Nick definitely and even Ciaran!


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