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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Corrie weekly awards - week of February 22 - 26

It's no coincidence Award: Rusty star: The boat's name looks like Gail Farce. This storyline warranted it.

She didn't get her hair styled at Audrey's Award: Carla... She's got a fringe and nobody comes out of Audrey's looking any different than when they went in.

You just saw them yesterday Award: Liz asked Lloyd who the aunties were. She served them vegetarian hotpot 24 hours earlier.

Birds in unusual places Award: There are seagulls in Weatherfield?

You SO fancy him Award: Gold star: Janice! (eyeing up, way up, Trev).
Silver star: Liz eyeing up Ciaran, she's falling for his patter and you'd think he'd have learned from the upset he went through with Bev.

You don't listen Award: Gold Star: Dev... ok, flowers are too much. How about a holiday to Disney?

Could he BE any taller Award? Gold star: Towering Trev!

Lines of the Week:
Mary: "Google Ganglion, Natasha"
Norris to Audrey: "Can I buy either of you a drink?" Audrey: "What d'you want to know?"
Gail: "What on earth has he got us all into?" (No, YOU have got you all into it by not going along with the plan.)
Carla: "I'm just the lowly cleaner" (Even in marigolds and a tabard, she still looks too posh to be a cleaner!)
Connie about Jackie: "She's a bit full on!" Jack: "You ain't seen nothin' yet."
David to Gail: "Do you think you should do the exact opposite of what you think and see if that works any different?"
Jackie about Molly: "She's done up like Joan Collins at Elton John's Christmas Party." Tyrone: "Don't be weird, or any weirder than usual."
Jackie to Molly: "You're a plate faced slapper with elevator knickers."


abbyk said...

Trevor too tall? Uh, except for Kelly, Dev & Trev, everyone on the Street is short. I'm 5'11", and there is no such thing as a man who is too tall.

Anonymous said...

at 5'11", I was the tallest compared to my peers during the sixties, now I feel like a dwarf to later generations.

Anonymous said...

I think most of Coronation Street's permanent residents are a little on the small/short side because they all have to fit into their cute teeny, tiny houses and furniture.More important, they have to fit onto your TV screen.Many people in TV/movies are actually on the small side because of this...and supposedly the camera adds at least 20 pounds anyway...hence the common remark, "'s XXX...I thought you'd be taller!", when someone spots a celebrity on the street.

bransgore said...

I was brought up in Manchester and gulls were seen every day. They follow the water. In our case the Ship Canal. My mother disliked them walking around the lawn and spent a considerable part of her time shooing them off.

Tvor said...

Yes, it's true that most of the actors are smaller of stature which makes a 6 footer *really* stand out.

I found it odd that there were seagulls, and i've been in Manchester a lot but not really noticed.

Yoork said...

Actors are short, yes, but Trev is still tall. He's well over 6 feet. Even if Molly is 5 feet, he's well over a foot taller than her. I'd reckon 6'4"


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