Thursday, 4 February 2010

Happy 90th birthday to Betty Williams

It's barmaid Betty Williams' 90th birthday today, February 4th, on Coronation Street. Love her or hate her, you simply can't ignore her.

But we're divided over Betty in our house. Himself says she's a sour old bat who would have been sacked from any decent pub for turning the beer off as well as the customers. Me? I love her and think she's fab. If she was a member of the Sopranos clan, this is who I think she would be.

Why not have a look at the autobiography of Betty Driver, who plays Betty Williams? It was written by Betty with ex-Corrie scriptwriter Daran Little. Have a look at it here.

There is also a retrospective of Betty's years on the Street on ITV here.

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gadgee said...

Betty Driver must still really enjoy working on Corrie to still be there at almost 90. Good on her. My favourite soap star autobiography is this one:
I haven't read it - I just love the name and the cover.

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