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Friday 19 February 2010

Sparkle to Fade: Thu Feb 18 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Peter Whalley, directed by John Anderson

Eileen's giving Jesse cheap shots about there not being enough room for him in her place. This should end well. Jesse doesn't find it funny at all. Eileen's even making of his career, which Jesse finds even less amusing.

Jesse complains to Julie about all of his valuable probs, "collected over a lifetime," might be ruined due to rain since they're outside now. "Collected over a lifetime." Let's hope his life doesn't ever flash before his eyes in that case. Jesse tells Julie he's on a downward spiral.

Jesse goes to waste his money, presumably, on a horse at the bookies and ends up winning. So much for the downward spiral theory. I can safely assume however that a man like Jesse is most likely never right about most things. Because he then goes and puts those winnings on another horse thinking it's his lucky day to which Michelle, pulling him a pint, points out that he's not likely to win twice. Well, looks like it is his lucky day since that horse won as well! Jesse tells Eileen that he's gone and put that winnings on yet another horse. He's got a feeling. Will he do it? He's done it! Jesse says he knows when to leave, and he's taken his winning. Jesse's won upwards of four thousand pounds! This puts a smile on Eileen's face as they break out into a rendition of "The Gold Diggers Song (We're in the Money)."

Gail is still wittering on about "doing something" about Joe. Gail apologizes to Audrey over telling her to get out last night. Nick isn't as accepting of the apology since he hasn't rung Gail back yet. Audrey inquires about when Joe's coming back, but Gail says she's not sure. It's Tina's birthday today though, and Audrey wonders if Joe's remembered. This should set off some red flags. Joe's not exactly father-of-the-year, but he's still not the type to miss his only child's birthday.

Meanwhile Tina confesses to Jason that she thinks her dad might be stopping away to avoid the loan shark. Jason says he wouldn't just leave her and Gail to deal with it. Oh, think again. Tina is certain that her father will give her a ring on her birthday. David comes into the shop later to give her her birthday gift of perfume from he and his mother. That was nice of him. Tina also tells David that she's expecting a call from her dad today and if she doesn't hear from him, she's going to suspect something's terribly wrong. The walls are closing in.

Audrey tells Natasha that Nick's already gone back to Nottingham since he had a fallout with his mother. Natasha seems disappointed since she hasn't even met him yet. David is busy sending a text to Tina on Joe's behalf to get Tina off the scent. Tina is satisfied to see that her father has texted her, finally.

Tina's having her birthday chips in the Rovers and Jason seems to be a little jealous that Tina'd been talking to David and he and Gail got her perfume for her birthday. Tina stops by to talk with Gail and thanks her for the perfume, only to find that it was David who got it for her, not Gail as she'd assumed. Tina tells Gail that she got a text from Joe and Gail is shocked and delighted at this news. Oh no, she doesn't think that Joe really sent it, does she? Gail confesses that she hasn't heard from Joe, and asks Tina if Joe said how he was or not. He only texted her "happy birthday." Oh, Gail. I'm sorry, a text wouldn't cut it for me on my birthday.

Meanwhile, we're being shown shots of Joe's body sunk under shallow waters in the lake. I'm not an expert on this or anything, but don't bodies FLOAT in the water? He doesn't appear to be anchored down by anything.

Cheers to Tina turning a year older over champy. Norris doesn't understand why birthday's are so celebrated, since everyone has them. He's had a lot more than most, also. Tina sees David drinking alone at the bar, and tells him that she's heard from Joe - one measly text. Tina tells him she's going to go "up there" and find him. Tina wants to know from him or Gail as to where exactly Joe is working. David says he doesn't know. How long can he and Gail keep this up for? It's a rotting fish, and it's only going to smell worse. David immediately goes to order a big bunch of flowers for Tina on her birthday, presumably from her father.

David returns home and Gail tells him the good news - Tina's heard from Joe. Gail is relieved and tells David that Joe must have gotten a new phone in order to text Tina. She figures that Joe has given up on his ridiculous plan to disappear. She also figures he's staying away to save face. How many excuses can you make? David breaks the news to her - he sent the text from Joe's phone and signed it Dad, and then he's also ordered flowers for her on his behalf. Oh, Gail! She questions just what Joe is playing at. She doesn't understand why he can't even send a postcard or do something to let them know he's alright. Why hasn't anyone questioned whether or not he IS alright? It's been two weeks, after all. Gail is finally feeling the anger.

Meanwhile, the body has popped about water and begun to float.

Mary asks Norris if he'd like to go for a drink later to catch up on gossip. Norris isn't too keen and says that he doesn't gossip. Oh, ha!

Back at the Alahan household, one of the Aunties is suspicious. She looked into Sunita's bedroom and noticed the airbed, and they're realizing that Dev and Sunita don't sleep in the same bed. Blasphemy! The aunties begin interrogating Dev about his and Sunita's marriage. Grishma (sp?) tells Dev she understands how the "sparkle can fade" in a marriage. Dev starts to sweat and defaults into his high-pitched monotone voice and gets out of that kitchen faster than a bat out of hell. The Aunties talk to Sunita about the sleeping arrangements later, and Sunita tells them that they simply don't sleep in the same bed but the Auntie's think that's just not done. Sunita tells them that they don't need their help and the extra bed is for Dev's bad back. Dev confesses to Sunita that he doesn't know if he can keep the charade up for much longer and wants to stay at his own flat for a couple of nights and asks her to tell a story about a business trip to London.

Carla asks Leanne how Peter's doing in rehab. Leanne says he started out okay, but now he claims it's worse than prison and is considering walking out. Leanne's hoping he won't, and the rest of her life isn't going to be like that.

- Gail really rocking those "mum jeans."
- Good ole Eileen and her comic relief.
- Norris' little song and dance on how "young people" are always telling everybody everything about what they're doing on cell phones.
- Norris seemingly shocked that Mary would suggest he was a gossip!
- Julie's fantastic mod vintage dress. I'm going to have to do a street style on her soon!
- Jesse and Eileen's short rendition of "The Gold Diggers Song (We're in the Money)."

- Eileen making fun of Jesse's business. It's funny and all, but if she doesn't respect the guy, why is she with him? I'm only saying.
- Jesse's "valuable" props that were collected over a lifetime. Enough said. How much more of a mockery can they make of this man?
- The nosy Aunties snooping in Sunita and Dev's room. The door was open a crack, my Auntie
- David texting Tina from Joe's phone. Ghost-texting is only going to make matters worse.

Looking forward to: Gail finally finding out that Joe's dead and to stop pretending he's coming back! Enough is enough already.

NOT looking forward to: Another scene with those nosy Aunties. Isn't their visit over already? I don't know who's more bothered by them, myself or Dev.


Llifon said...

According to Digital Spy, Rita was due to appear. I had been looking forward for her comeback!

Sea Penguin said...

I know. The aunties - get rid, before we all lose our sanities along with Dev.

Billy Niblick said...

The bodies of drowning victims initally sink beneath the surface when the lungs and stomach become waterlogged, but will rise to the surface later when the process of decomposition leads to a build up of gases within the corpse, increasing it's buoyancy and causing it to float to the surface. Gail's about to have a rather unpleasant experience identifying Joe's bloated cadaver.

Sea Penguin said...

Luvly! and here's me about to sink me choppers into a bacon barm!

Dilly Daydream said...

Now, see, I don't find Eileen is ever "comic relief". She's not funny, she's just an overweight, bitter, miserable old cow.

I would LOVE to see the back of her. I dislike her even more than I dislike Norris, and that's saying something.

If I'd been Jesse last night, I'd have walked out on the old boot.

Walzing Matilda said...

Those dreadful aunts, what has their visit to Sunita's house got to do with Coronation Street anyway?

Yoork said...

@ CSC - I was hoping for this too!

@ Seapenguin - I agree, their interference with Dev and Sunita's boring lives are just getting so tedious.

@ Bill Niblick - Thanks for the info. I should know this from watching so much CSI.

@ Dilly Daydream - "overweight, bitter miserable old cow" - those are the funniest kinds of folk I know!

@ Waltzing Matilda - Just a way to force Sunita back into Dev's arms and get her back on the cast again?

gadgee said...

I wonder if there'll be a scene where Gail has to identify Joe's body, like she had to identify Richard's body. I can remember the odd little smile Tricky Dicky had on his face as the body bag was being zipped up!


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