Wednesday, 17 February 2010

New Series with Suranne Jones coming

We won't be seeing any of this sort of thing when Tracy Barlow returns later this year because Suranne Jones is not returning as Karen McDonald. However, there's a great interview and article on Suranne in the Times Online. They reckon she's one of the former Corrie actors that shook off their Corrie persona and have really done well since leaving the show. It's interesting how they point out the three types of actors, one who's personality and character are not that different, one who's very different from their character but who play them like a second skin and actors like Suranne "who earn their wings on a soap and then fly gloriously beyond it."

They specifically cite her fantastic performance in last year's Unforgiven (which really was worth every bit of praise it got!). She does lots of stage work and is going to appear in a five part BBC drama starting March 1 at 9 p.m., airing on five consecutive nights, called "Five Days". It's a thriller also starring former Corrie actor Anne Reid (Val Barlow) along with David Morrissey and Bernard Hill. There's lots about her background and a bit about her personal life and how fame affected her relationships. A few insights into acting on Coronation Street which I found interesting, particularly about how most of the actors "self-direct" to some extent as they are the ones that know their characters best and the directors give them that little bit of leeway.

Suranne was always one of my favourites and I'll be checking out the new series.

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