Thursday, 11 February 2010

Street Style: Gail McIntyre's Metallic Parka

Since Monday's episodes I've gotten an overwhelming amount of requests regarding Gail McIntyre's Shiny Metallic Parka!

I thought her parka was absolutely fabulous myself! In fact, I thought it was a bit on the stylish side for Gail. Not that Gail isn't well put-together. Yet, I'm still often shocked when I see her in something snazzy.

I have scoured the net for an identical match, but could not find one. I have however noticed that the shiny metallic coat seems to be quite popular this winter and even into spring.

Here were my finds:

1) Betty Barclay Padded Metallic Jacket, Taupe, John Lewis (click here)

2) Planet Oversized Collar Parka, John Lewis (click here)

3) Fitted Metallic Coat with Cinched Waist, Goddiva (click here)

4) Soon Long sleeve metallic smart parka, Matalan (click here)

5) Ellos Jacket, La Redoute (click here)


Is there anything that you've ever seen on The Street that you'd like to have, but don't know where you can find something similar? Are you interested in any particular character's personal or decorating style? For any street style requests, send me a line!


Sea Penguin said...

Nice! They look like the foil blankets search and rescue services use, so hopefully are as warm! I'm looking for a sleeveless bodywarmer style one, myself - for the Spring.

Julie Morgan said...

Very funny article!!

Anonymous said...

So women are meant to look like walking dustbins now?
REALLY appealing....

Glenda Young said...

Thank heaven's you've blogged that, I was inundated with requests when I came back from hols!!

Yoork said...


ITV has officially told us that Gails' coat came from Zara.

I don't believe you can shop online at Zara, so you'll have to call the store!

SueL said...

Thanks for your help, Gail seems to be wearing lots of different variations of this sort of coat. Trendy!

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