Sunday, 7 February 2010

One Drink: Thu Feb 4, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Julie Jones, directed by Kay Patrick

Leanne wakes up hungover from her night before. Peter's feeling guilty having drank that half glass of wine the night before. Over the road, Deirdre's also worse for wear while Ken questions her as to whether or not she'll be at the Hard Hat Party or at the Solidarity Party. I know what sounds like more fun.

Leanne still doesn't have any staff for her party, so Ciaran offers to do her catering. Leanne has a word with Ciaran about leading Peter astray. Ciaran reminds her she's not teetotaling herself. Ciaran had no idea that Peter attended AA and promises Leanne that Peter won't have a drink around him. Peter confesses to his AA group that he had a bit of a slip. Peter says that having that drink didn't feel like a moment of weakness, but a moment of strength, since he had a mouthful, then he stopped. The group tells him he's fooling himself. Peter wants to believe that he can only have one drink, but no one else is buying it. Peter leaves the group and goes right into a pub for "one drink." As it is, Peter already forgets to pick up Simon from school. Ken wants a word with Peter, and asks him if he's been drinking. Peter denies that he'd had a drink and leaves with Simon.

Later Peter tells Leanne that there's some people who have to stop drinking completely, then there's him. Peter thinks he can handle the occasional drink. Leanne doesn't agree and thinks he doesn't want to go chucking that away and makes him promise he won't start drinking again. Peter promises and tells her it's best to play safe. Oh, this will end bad.

Steve suggests that Becky go to the doctor to get her pregnancy confirmed so she can get more details. Becky doesn't really want to think about the details. Claire asks Becky how things are going, and Becky says they're sorted. Claire brings her by one of those pregnancy books which freaks Becky out slightly. Becky tells Claire she's got an appointment with the doctors then runs off. Becky comes back and tells Steve that she's nine weeks in, and due in August and Steve is just delighted.

The pub is preparing for Betty's 90th, and Anna brings over the cake to reveal a likeness of Betty imprinted on fondant. Are we really supposed to believe that Eddie Windass makes these? He has an icing airbrush and all? Emily remarks that Betty is 90 years old and still a vital member of the community. A mysterious older woman is also at the pub and everyone is curious about who she is. It seems this other woman is 91, and she's Manchester's oldest barmaid. The biddy wars are on! She comes back with her birth certificate to prove it, and she also contests that Betty's hot pot isn't as good as her bread and butter pudding. The woman asks for her hot pot, but Betty declines eventhough Steve lets her have one later just so she'll leave. Regardless, Betty has a nice birthday by everyone in the pub.

Hayley wants to do a salsa class, but Roy won't go with her. Julie says she never figured Hayley would have any rhythm. Hayley figures if her aunt's bird can bob, she can dance.

Janice gets her hunky binman to kill a huge spider that "came from Africa on a banana or something." I didn't realize they grew bananas in Africa? Trevor teases Janice with the spider, and they have a good laugh. In the cafe later, the factory girls grill Trevor flirtatiously. Later, at the flat, Janice is already cooking Trevor's dinner and drinking his beers, and vice-versa.


- When Deirdre says Leanne and Carla put twice as much back as she did the night before (booze), Ken says it's easier for them at their age. Ouch!
- Claire looking at photos of Betty through the years and remarking how it's strange that she looks middle-aged even when she was young. That's the secret to staying eternal, look old from the start, and everyone will say "you look the same as I met you 20 years ago!" That's how Donald Trump does it.
- Julie feeling sorry for Trevor for having coming second to his' ex's career in motor vehicle taxation.
- Graeme stating that Betty's hot pot is the elixir of life and he looks 22, but he's actually 84.


- Peter believing he can only have one drink. Most of us can't only have one drink, nevermind an alcoholic!
- Ken putting Deirdre between he and Peter's alliances.
- Why wasn't Ken or Jack at Betty's birthday?

Looking forward to: Seeing more of Ciaran!

NOT looking forward to: Watching Peter fall off the wagon.


Llifon said...

Did you know Enid Crump was played by June Broughton, who played Joan Lowther - Dr Lowther's wife. Lowther hired Hilda Ogden as his cleaner. Joan was killed by burglars in 1987.

Tvor said...

Wow that's neat, re Joan Lowther

The thing with Betty looking middle age in the pictures of her, all those pics were from the early 70s. She WAS middle aged lol

Yoork said...

@ Tvor - I know! That's why it was so funny!

WIllie Eckerslide said...

It would be nice to see old Enid appearing from time to time, when she has recovered from the hotpot of course. She could never ever replace dear Blanche but she could be a very good prickly character!

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