Sunday, 21 February 2010

This week's Corrie awards, Feb. 15 - 19

Time to get the police involved: Flaming Star: Tina and Jason. Threats, harassment, It's about time someone called the cops even if they didn't tell them everything.

Childish whinging award: Gold Star: Jesse: Quoting divorce statistics to the newly engaged couple. Moaning about Jason and Tina moving back in. He's getting even more miserable than Eileen can be!
Silver Star: Dev moaning about sleeping on the floor.

Why are you surprised? award: Wobbly star: Eileen. Jesse had been attached to his mother and father all along. Why did she think he wouldn't choose his parents over her?

Plot hole award: Platinum star: This whole faked-real-death business. You can't fake your own death from a boating accident if there's no floating boat or missing person report.

Sheridan Bucket award: The Auntie who's son is a dancer in Vancouver with a roommie that's a fashion designer.

He's got a point award: Norris... young people really do talk about every tedious detail of their life on their mobiles. I hear them on the bus all the time.

Digging a deeper hole award: Gold Star: David texting Tina, ordering flowers. Doing it for the right reasons but now Joe's dead, it's going to bite him and Gail on the backside for sure.

Chuckle of the week: Lewis pretending to pick up Audrey in the bar and Liz getting all knotty faced that it wasn't her!

Lines of the Week:
Liz: "He's probably wondering what Camilla Parker Bowles is doing in Weatherfield." See, I told you Audrey resembled her!)
Deirdre to Audrey: "You've got more bling on than Barbara Cartland."
Jason: "Whatever you like, Mrs. Grimshaw." Tina: "My God. That sounds minging."
Becky about Tina: "Mouthy cow. I like that in a woman." (You would!)
Gail about Joe: "He'll be home soon." and "He must be out there somewhere." (But not quite how you thought)
Norris: "I don't gossip!" *koff*
Gail: "You're angry, David, I can see that." (That's the only thing you can see.)
Steve to Eileen: "You can't have the time off because you're rubbing it in far too much."
Eileen to Jesse: "You're an animal lover, a parrot lover. I want an Eileen lover." (And you deserve it, too!)


Simon said...

The joe stuff isn't a plothole! Joe asked Gail simply to ring the police and say that he was missing. Instead of doing that, Gail decided to take the boat back to weatherfield with her!

gadgee said...

Norris's mobile phone routine was very good. Malcolm Hebden is a class act.

Billy Niblick said...

I particularly liked Eileen and Jesse singng the first two lines of "We're in the Money", then getting bogged down because they didn't know the next line - does anybody? So true to real life.

Linda Worth said...

All of your comments are dated in Feb.2010 It is Dec. 6,2010 I just saw Joe drown. I am months behind all of you watching about Joe and Gail. I had to check this site,so I wouldn't have to wait and wait to see what was going to happen. I too was upset seeing Joe go down into that cold murky lake. I was almost crying. So I am thankful I can come on line,and catch up with the rest of the world.

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